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Revival Prayers! held on 18th of April, 2020

Bro. Daniel Okedere (moderator):

Tonight I want to assure you that God is here tonight, and He’s set to bless you. As we start tonight, do well to stay off every distraction, and concentrate this little time to God and you will never regret it in Jesus name. Let’s have a word of prayer.

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Bro. John Ajayi (short charge):

As we continue, in the prayers, it’s a privilege to give a little charge to stir us up to seek the face of God. I want to call the charge “REPAIR MY ALTAR OH GOD”

What is an Altar, very briefly? An Altar is a consistent point or place where worship or devotion is been made to God. Our references for tonight are from 1Kings 18:17-38, Leviticus 6: 9-14…

An altar-less christian is a ‘God-less’ Christian What else gives access to God other than prayers, the word, consistent walk with God etc. These are all the components of the Altar.

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Sister Fruitful E. John:

Some people here used to have altars. But in line with I Kings 18… The trench of their altar has been filled up with water!

The fire must fall tonight. It must lick up all the water!

You must recover from that plaque of prayerlessness tonight.

Go ahead and pray: Lord, I’m repenting tonight. Repair my altar!

Without a ready altar, the fire can not fall. Without a ready heart, you won’t receive my dear. All you need tonight is your sincerity with your Father.

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Sister Phebe Oludu:

With the fire in our hearts and bones pls let’s command every work and plan of the devil connected to CoronaVirus to be destroyed!!!!

Remember you have the authority in Christ.

Use your authority to destroy the plan and works of the devil

Let’s join our hands and authority to send it back to the bottomless pit now!!!

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