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Overcoming spiritual stagnancy
Spiritual Growth

The complete guide to overcoming spiritual stagnancy

Spiritual stagnancy is the direct opposite of spiritual growth. It implies lack of advancement in your walk with God. It means that one is neither maturing nor bearing fruit as the Holy Spirit would normally lead one to. If you are not seeing evidences of spiritual growth in your walk with God, then you are spiritually stagnant. It is impossible to be neither.

Spiritual Growth

8 ways to build a stronger spiritual life

When we thirst, he gives us to drink. And then we go thirsty again. The more we thirst and drink, the stronger we become spiritually. The place of prayer is our go-to river to drink. We must never joke with it. Your spirit man will suffer dehydration when you forget to drink or do not drink enough. Spend more time in the secret place!

why God leads us through difficult paths
Spiritual Growth

Why God leads us through difficult paths

Do you know that most times when God leads along a seeming difficult path, it is because there are lives in need of preservation?

When Jesus would be led to the cross, it was because there was a mankind to be redeemed.

When Paul the Apostle would have to suffer cruel reproaches, it was because there was a gentile world to be reached.

What happens beyond the grave?
Spiritual Growth

What happens beyond the grave?

What happens beyond the grave? He’s gone! An icon, a hero, a philanthropist and “a savior”. Saved many lives during his lifetime, but no one could save his. Destiny has finally come to an halt. I watched him lying down in that coffin- lifeless! I saw his cars, his houses, his single-handed built church, I saw his children and the sober church members.

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