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Purposeful Living

Purposeful living is essential for your spiritual growth. God desires that you live a life that glorifies him by identifying the reason for which he has created you. Living for that single purpose will provide you the joy and satisfaction to keep occupying till He comes.


Tired of living an unfulfilled life? And you want to find your place in the world? Do you desire happiness and strength to enjoy God? Discovering God’s purpose for your life will help you get started right. How to start living a purposeful life


Living a purpose driven life is simply moving towards your God-given goals in life.  Your values, passions and fulfillment depends on it. That’s why Fruitful Touching Lives provides you with articles and resources to not only discover your God given purpose but to also fulfill it. I hope you discover God’s purpose for your life on these pages, find the strength to follow it and never get tired of pursuing it.

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