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Purposeful Living

4 Magic Factors to Achieving all-round Excellence in life

More often than not we feel too weak and unmotivated to pursue excellence in life, because we do not have the slightest idea of what our identity is and how we ought to fit into life. When we do try to make an impact, we do so as a decent attempt to please others.

In any case, this is crap! We get tired too soon because we are living a fake life. Not the life we ought to be living. The journey to excellence begins from consistently living and discovering more about ourselves. In no time, we would understand just what works for us and be motivated to pursue our goals of all-round excellence in life.

Purposeful Living

God’s Purpose for your life |4 signs you are not living in God’s purpose

It’s frustrating! You glance around and see your colleagues living energetic and important lives. They have profound connections, compensating employments and are pursuing their God-given dreams passionately. They seem to have the ability to know east from west and that forces them to bounce up every morning with a spring in their progression. Sometimes you ask yourself, what the difference between you and them is. Feeling purposeless is unfathomably disappointing. You need to find God’s purpose for your life!

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