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Why I always kneel down to greet my husband – Rev. Funke Adejumo

Mar 19, 2024
Rev. Funke Adejumo kneels for her husband, Bishop Felix Adejumo

Wife of Bishop Felix Adejumo of the Agape Christian Ministries, Rev. Funke Adejumo shares why for 25 years she knelt down to greet her husband. She mentioned that even if she had to greet over the phone, she still knelt down where ever she was. Read her exact words below:

“If you are going to have a successful marriage, if your love affair is going to be new and renew and enjoyable, you must carry along HUMILITY.

In your home, how humble are you?
In your relationship with your husband, how humble are you?

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The first 25years of our marriage, because we’re Africans and we come from a part of Africa that believes that the greatest way you can show respect is by kneeling down. Every morning, I knelt down to greet my husband, even when I was not home, I will kneel down on the phone.

What was I trying to say? I know I am a strong woman and God has blessed me. I was trying to let the devil know that it doesn’t matter the lifting of God in my life, this man(husband) must be honoured.

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I decided to show him the highest level of honour in my culture. I will wake up in the morning, go to his bed and sing love songs to him, and I will call him all kinds of names(the only sugar in my tea, the only rose in my garden, my king, your excellency, good morning).

Psychology has discovered that the greatest need of a man is not sex. He can have sex with prostitute, if he’s not born again. It is not food, he can get it from any restaurant if he has his money. His great need is respect, particularly public respect.”

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