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When I met my husband I was not attracted to him – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo

Mar 14, 2024
Pastor Mildred Okonkwo and Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo_David's Christian Centre

Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, the wife of Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, of the David’s Christian Centre shares how she met her husband. According to Pastor Mildred, when she met Pastor Kingsley, she was not attracted to him because he was all the ‘things’ she did not want in a man. Read her story below:

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“A couple of years ago before I got married, I was dating a doctor, I was in my final year and then I came to Portharcourt, and we continued long distance relationship. Before that period, when I was 16, I was told that I will not have children because I suffered from alot of sicknesses, literally I was the woman with the issue of blood, I was always bleeding, I needed to take medicine for me not to bleed, so it was just alot. So when I saw a doctor that is doing his master’s in abroad, I decided to date him because of the health issues I had before.

Halfway down the line when I was doing my masters in Lagos. One morning I was just praying and studying the word of the Lord, I read about when Jesus was at the well with the woman in the well, especially when Jesus told the woman that the man he is with is not her husband, the scripture piece into my soul, and the holy Spirit ministered to me that the one am with is not my husband, and the worst part is that this man has done introduction, so I was wondering what I was going tell my parents. I did not obey immediately because nothing was wrong with the guy, he was a born again Christian and had everything a woman desire in a man. So I told God that I won’t be the one to break off, that he should make him break up with me because I was not having any problems with him.

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During that period I met my husband but only as a friend, so nothing was actually going on between us, I didn’t even liked him because he was not like the other one. I told God that I will do everything for him but I will not marry a pastor and or an Igbo man, but my husband was equally an igbo man, I didn’t even like him a bit, but because God was not a man, he bundled all this things that I hate, and gave them to me.

When I met my husband, I was not attracted to him because he was all the things I did not want, and on top of it, he was not earning a salary, he was a ‘we live by faith and not by sight man’. So I told God that the same way he told me who is not my husband, he is also going to tell me who is my husband.

One day I was studying the word, and it was not like I was looking for my husband inside the bible. I was reading about when Samuel went to anoint one of Jessi’s sons and when he got there, Jessi brought out his sons to him, and he asked him if he doesn’t have any other son, and that son happens to be David, and when David came in, the Lord instructed Samuel to anoint him because he is the one.

When I finish reading the scripture, the Lord ask me what was my husband position in his family, I told him that he is the last born, and the Lord also ask me what do pastors do, I told he that the take care of the sheep, then the Lord told me that he was the one, I asked God why he likes to play with me because it was the same person I was complaining that I can’t marry that he is also telling me to marry, so that was how it happened.

The will of God can never be the will of men.”

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