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Nigerians drag newly wedded bride, Deborah Ocheido over ‘covabodi’ wedding post

Mar 13, 2024

Newly wedded bride, Deborah Ocheido posted pictures of her traditional wedding on her X handle with the caption “I don’t need to be naked to be beautiful. Even on my wedding day!!!”

I don't need to be naked to be beautiful - Covabodi Deborah Ocheido
Covabodi Trending Tweet

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But Nigerians will not have it, as many have reacted to the post with different stones of criticism, like

“The caption is not necessary”
“She would have worded it better”
“She is being judgmental”
“The post is condescending” among others.

The dragging has lingered for more than 24 hours and Deborah’s original post now has a reach of close to 6Million views with Deborah and #covabodi trending on X.

Popular X influencer Solomon Buchu have replied to Deborah’s critics saying that the tone of the message was never the problem, but the fact that the world hates decency, stating that Moses Bliss’ wife, Marie didn’t say anything but was also dragged on social media for her decent look on her wedding day.

Deborah Ocheido, Stunning Idoma bride
Deborah Ocheido, Stunning Idoma Bride

In Solomon Buchi’s words,

“Moses Bliss’ wife didn’t say anything about decency, but most of you still dragged her. You said she was taking the decency thing too much.

Tone has never been the problem. You hate decency with everything within you, and you hate that these women have confidence to promote it. You want to be a ‘hot’ and sexy Christian woman, gospel baddie and reigning babe.”

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Another X user wrote “We’ve known Deborah for Modesty, no be today she start. If you are triggered by her post, the issue is you and not the post. Did she mention your name?”

Deborah Ocheido in the early hours of today responded to the criticisms, stating that she will be loud about her faith and her values, and that she will not give in to the dragging and mockery on social media. See post below:

Deborah Ocheido Husband

Whether you agree with Deborah or not, one thing is clear: Deborah Ocheido is confidently being herself, and that’s something to admire. And if you ask me, Decency should be a worthy course for every virtuous woman.

Deborah Ocheido hails from Benue State, and is a graduate of Human Anatomy from Benue state university. She is a writer and the founder of the covabodi campaign which was launched last year.

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