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The Winlos love story: It took just 3 days to say Yes to my husband

Feb 7, 2024
The Winlos Love Story

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It didn’t took me that long to say yes to my husband, and it was not like I was in a rush, I suspected the proposal coming because my husband became too nice to me, he became so tolerant, so by his attitude I suspected that he was up to something.

It took like 3 days before I gave my husband an answer to his proposal. After my husband proposed to me, the next day I called him on the phone and we talked and laughed, and on the third day I told him that I wanted to see him, but it happens that he was not in town and he didn’t tell me that he does not have transport money to come back from the place he travelled to, so I told him on the phone that I am going to marry him, my husband was very scared because he thought I was too fast in giving answers.

In those three days that it took me to say yes to my husband, one of the things that actually made me to say yes is because of his confidence even when he was still living in his pastor’s house, he proposed with full confidence.

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My husband was my friend even before he proposed to me, he was not really my spec but I saw something in him that were desirable in a man, he was not hypocritical, he is not a Christian by mouth but a Christian by action and character, he is a practical Christian. He was very hard-working although he was broke, but there is a difference between someone being broke and being hardworking, and someone who is broke but lazy, you could see prospects, he was not just speaking vision, he was running with it, so I was not marrying someone that was confused, I was marrying someone that has clarity on what he wants, so it was very easy to say yes to him, even before I gave my answers, l already have peace, not peace of the flesh, I knew I was safe with him.

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