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Mike Bamiloye’s touching tribute to wife, and message for Single Sisters

Feb 5, 2024

(Tribute to My Wife – Sister Gloria Bamiloye)

Yesterday, February 4th, 2024, was my wife’s 60th Birthday. And this year would be the 36 years since 1988 the year we got married, when she was only 24 years old and I was 28. Since then, we have travelled through the thicks and the thins together, we have climbed the mountains and descended into the valleys together. We have faced adverse physical and spiritual situations together. We have both confronted together, daunting challenges that have stood and those that are still standing against our lives and ministry.

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The Social Media was agog with congratulatory messages and Prayers from friends and fellow ministers worldwide.
Thank you all.

But what is special about this great woman is when I remember how we started and how we have been journeying this journey since then. And when I recall some of the things that happen today among our single and marriagable sisters, I can not but give praises to the Lord God who brought this simple and humble sister my way several years ago.

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I have written this story in some of my write-ups and in one of my books, however, there is need to recall some of it for the benefit of some of our single sisters who might need to learn from it. I graduated from higher institution in 1983 and served in 1983/84. Right from the Campus days, I had been involved in drama ministry, all through my Youth Service, I was sending drama scripts back into the fellowship for drama presentations and I would travel down from Plateau State to direct the rehearsals and participate in the major drama presentation on Drama Night.

After my Youth Service in 1984, I was involved fully in campus drama evangelism with the fellowship drama group, travelling to other campuses and churches outside the campus for drama presentation. And Sister Gloria was among the new members that joined the drama group.

In 1985, sometimes in early July, I proposed to her to marry me and she told me she would pray over it. On August 4th, 1985, she revisited my proposal and said “Yes” to it. So, our journey began. Now, the real issue was that, I had nothing. I had nothing physical or material that any lady could be proud of. I had only one single room, with one bed, one table and chair, a standing hanger where I hanged my few fading shirts and only one suit which I used to iron from time to time and red tie from special occassion. Inside the single room was my cooking stove and a dilapidated standing fan, which had lost its foot and the head was tied facing the bed. And of course, a precious item – my bookshelf serving as a small library.

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So, when Sister Gloria visited my abode for the first time, these were all I had and she saw. My physical and material possessions could never be compared to what I was on the campus. “Bro Mike” was famous among the fellowship as a “gym-gym” brother full of zeal for drama and drama only. And the drama group of the fellowship became the most influential of all the sub-groups of the fellowship, because almost all the executive officers became members of the sub-group, including the President and the Vice-President and the General Secretary of the Christian Fellowship. So I was so rich in spiritual substance and full of great visons, but had no enviable physical or material possessions any young lady could be proud of.

But, when Sis Gloria entered my room, one afternoon, she never saw all those things I mentioned but only one thing arrested her attention: my bookshelf containing several spiritual books, including the books of Kenneth Hagins, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborne, Osward J. Smith, etc. She hasten to the shelf and shouted “Whao!”, and she sat by the bookshelf and began to look at those precious books she had longed to have and read. Ah!. I was happy I had what she wanted and desired. She wanted spiritual books that would make her grow. And I had just that! All other things never mattered to her.

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I had nothing physical, but I had a great vision of the future and she embraced that vision with all her heart and might. When her senior brothers and her parents were demanding from her to know the work that her fiancee was doing that could qualify him to marry her, she stood on my behalf to defend me before her people that I was into drama ministry and there was a great future ahead of us. Her people could not see what she was talking about, because I was already on full-time drama ministry and I had no physical enviable thing they all could hold on to.

They were furious with her and thought she must be out of her mind to have decided to marry "a man who has no job and no physical possession and no appreciable future". When we informed them we wanted to get married three years down our courtship, they revolted and my Mummy ( my elder sister), led the war to Sis Gloria's parents to warn them never to give their daughter to me in marriage because I had no job to take care of their daughter. She stood by what God had told her about me, that there was a great future ahead of us.

The Lord convinced them all and they supported us and we married in 1988, three years after the Mount Zion ministry launched. And our journey to that future began.


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Now, to my Dearest Single Sisters, a lot of us are missing it today. A lot of us have been seriously deceived and misled by erronenous marriage teachings and lectures of confused marriage counsellors and teachers. A woman was once invited to one of our sisters’ conference, invited to come and minister to our single sisters.

She mounted the pulpit and shocked us by saying, no sisters should marry any brother who is not materially capable of being a husband. She said she also counselled her daughters to be gather as many materials as possible before getting married; that her daughters must go into mariage with enough self-sufficiency. She ought to have got a lot of things like fridge, electronic gadgets, dinning sets and other things that could make her stand tall as a self-sufficient lady. I told my wife, that the woman would never be invited to any of our conferences again. He teaching was confusing.

I heard some marriage teachers taught their single sisters to check the Bank Account statement of the man who come proposing to them before they consider their proposals. If the Bank Account is very lean, then, they need not bother themselves considering the proposals. Some sisters would go and pay visit to the houses and apartments of the men who proposed to them, before they could begin to consider their proposals.

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If Sis Gloria were to consider my physical, material and financial possessions when I proposed to her, I would have been outrightly disqualified, because I had nothing but the burning visions to evangelise the world through Drama ministry. And if She were to consider my proposal based on my future plans or projections, she would never have considered me, because, I had no financial, material or physical future plan or projections at that time, but was only armed with evangelistic visions of the work of God.

And what are the unpleasant results of all these fake future plans and projections: because no life is secure except the ones hidden in Christ and entrusted in His care. Many of these future plans and projections flopped and they are castles built with sea-sand on a sea-shore, they crumbled fast when the foundation is not laid on the leading of Christ and the home is set on fake foundations and false projections. The banking industry is not what it used to be. The oil and gas industry is no longer like before.

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Considerations of your response to a proposal should never be based on anything physical or materials, but Godly leading and convictions after a lot of heart-searching prayers and humble waiting upon the Lord to know His heart on the man who proposed.


So, physical or material status should never be paramount in considering marraige proposals, but the voice of the Lord who knows tomorrow. If you desire a peaceful home and fruitful marriage that will afford you the opportunity to be ministerially fulfilled, don’t let any physical, material or financial things give you your husband, let the spirit of the Lord lead and convince you of who to marry.

You are blessed

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