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True Life Story: Mike Bamiloye admonish Singles on obedience to divine instructions for their wedding

Sep 22, 2023

Some years ago, a young sister who was about to get married was instructed by the Holy Spirit never to sleep overnight and never to dress up in her wedding gown on the wedding day in her family house, but should sneak out to a neighbor’s house and sleep there overnight and dress up there and walked out there into the car that would take her to the church for the wedding. She knew the Lord had said so, so she was in her family house, playing and preparing with her friends till late in the night when she secretly sneaked into a neighbor’s house with all her wedding gown, shoes and bag and everything hidden in a bag. There, she slept overnight and dressed up early in the morning in her wedding gown and from there, driven to the church.

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After the whole wedding program, she had been instructed to walk into her family house in her wedding gown and remove it there. She followed every instruction the Holy Spirit had given to her for that day, and everything went well for her. She became the first lady to have that type of wedding ceremony in the entire large polygamous house. All others before her had never been successful to do that.

It was few days after the wedding that her mother heard from a family member that an elderly wicked woman in the family house had vowed that she would not have the wedding on the day she had it. But the Lord God, who had known all the evil plans of the woman had instructed her daughter never to sleep in that house on her marriage eve, but in a neighbor’s house. Definitely, that wicked elderly woman was disappointed and whatever her wicked intentions was disrupted that night.

Another sister, some years ago, was warned never to make a noisy wedding; she knew the Lord wanted her to involve mostly ministers of God and family members and few friends. But she desired to blow the trumpet so that everyone could see the great thing the Lord had done for her. She had said she would not make noise about it according the Lord’s instructions, but she came back later to her pastor to say she had “just only made about 300 Invitation Cards” Then the pastor raised an objection. 300 IV? Won’t those who collect the cards bring their friends and family? Eventually, it turned out to be a societal wedding with a lot of people turning up and becoming highly glamorous.

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However, the sad consequence was that “some well-wishers” deposited something in her body that day and she got pregnant and lost her first baby as a result. While she was pregnant, the Lord had revealed to her pastor that the baby in her womb was deposited there on the night she wedded, and the baby was not from Him, but a demonic agent. The Lord had already showed how the baby looked like to the Pastor and had told him to organize a major prayer meeting against the child in her womb.

The Pastor wrote down everything he saw including the instructions he received from God. And he organized the prayer meetings, with the husband and the wife present. The prayer point the Pastor raised was that they should pray against any agent of darkness the enemies have sent into their midst; that the agent of darkness is coming, but that he should not come, that the Lord should send him back. Everybody prayed the prayers including the pregnant woman and her husband.

When the man came to inform the Pastor that the baby was still-birth, the Pastor went inside and bring out his dairy where he had written the revelation and instructions the Lord gave him and showed the man. The Lord, later had mercy on the lady and gave her better children, but she paid the price of her disobedience and obstinacy.

Surely, the devil does mounts up a lot of oppositions against God’s children, when that happens, the Lord Himself would rise up and fight for them; but some of the time, many of these oppositions are direct consequences of our refusal to listen to the instructions of the Lord and a direct open-door to the Chastening of the Lord.

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