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Should I get into a relationship in School?

Jul 5, 2023

A romantic relationship in school may do you more harm than good!

I understand that the decision to enter or not enter a relationship in undergraduate school is personal and that there are exceptional circumstances such as the age factor. However, before you choose this path, you should at least know what you are signing up for.

A romantic relationship comes with emotional demands and can also be time-consuming. You should ask yourself if you are capable of managing the potential diversion of focus from your academics. Do you have the emotional capacity to be actively involved in caring for another person while also dealing with school stress? Do you have what it takes to finish with good grades and at the same time sustain a successful relationship?

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Bear in mind that successful relationships require strong interpersonal dynamics and emotional maturity. Do you have the ability to cope with complex emotions and handle the different challenges that may arise in your relationship from time to time?

Undergraduate student life is supposed to be a time of exploration and self-discovery. You should be actively involved in exploring God, your purpose, and your career. You should be busy hearing God for your future and mapping out a path for the ‘greatness’ you desire. You should be forming meaningful connections for your future, spiritually, career-wise, and so on. Will you be able to do all of these with a relationship in hand? Would you be able to freely develop your interests and pursue your personal goals?

If you start a relationship now, how many years do you plan to date before the wedding? Do you have the emotional and spiritual strength to overcome the social pressures that come with being in a relationship? Will you be able to resist sexual advances from your partner? If you fall into temptation, do you have what it takes to deal with the consequences of your fall?

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Summarily, the most important question you should ask yourself is, Does God want me in a romantic relationship now and, have I discovered my purpose and bearing in life?

If you are yet to identify your bearing in life, how do you guarantee that the individual you are about to commit to fits into your future? If you are yet to discover God’s purpose for your life, how do you confirm that this is the one with whom God would have you fulfill your purpose?

In the end, whether or not you should enter into a relationship while in school depends on your readiness for marriage and your priorities; how much you prioritize God, your purpose, your career, and your expected future.

Written by: Esther John Fruitful

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