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Gloria Bamiloye: Brothers! Don’t allow any sister waste your precious time. God has alternatives!

Brothers, be very careful not to allow any sister waste your precious time because some sisters these days are not ready to commit themselves to any brother below their standard or expectation. So instead of rejecting his proposal, they will allow him to fill the gap by relating with him as a friend while she is waiting for the actual person of her dreams.

Such a sister will engage the brother, allowing him into her life, relating with him and pretending like she will eventually consider him. Sisters like this pretend to love but giving the brother false hope while she is secretly waiting for the person she desires. She will always be afraid to fully commit herself. While the innocent brother will be ready to do anything she asks him to do with the mind that she will soon give him a positive answer.

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They can be like that for years while the brother will be tied down unable to move forward because of this fake love.Do not waste your time on such sisters. Go back to God and pray to know His mind.

Release your self from that bondage and move on with your life. That is not love but serious bondage. That lady does not appreciate you because if she eventually considers to marry you, she will simply end up managing you. The reason is that she settled down with you because no one was forthcoming, and not that she loves or appreciate you. Such lady can never help you in life and it will be tough to fulfill your full potential with such a lady.

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A brother I know very well was in such a situation for almost four years. He kept hoping and waiting for the sister to settle down with him in marriage.The sister shared almost everything with this brother. She appeared to be so loving and very caring to him, but she did not give him an answer. In actual fact, the brother was very low in qualification compared to the level of the sister. She did not say anything about this but kept the brother waiting.

At last she agreed and gave him a positive answer and they began the relationship, but this sister refused to hear anything about marriage. She kept postponing the issue of marriage for years until the brother was counseled to stop this hopeless journey and to wait on God and pray. He discovered later that the sister was only interested in friendship but she was not ready to fully commit herself to the brother.

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The brother stopped the relationship and moved on with his life and not long after, God provided another partner for him. He is happily married and doing well in the ministry with his wife while the sister is still busy with her career.The danger in this situation is that if the brother refused to retrace his step, his time will be wasted and he may miss the real person that has been prepared for him because God has time for everything and cannot be tied down. He always has better alternatives.

To our brothers therefore, do not let anyone waste your time. Be sensitive, watchful and be careful of such time wasters. Whoever God will give you to marry will appreciate you. She will respect and honor the grace of God upon your life.