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I nearly made a mistake in marriage – The Winlos

May 10, 2023

When I was looking for a wife, I was moved by physicality, I like ladies who have nice fitted shape, and I know that alot of brothers are in my shoe, because i don’t want to be in the bed, and still be looking for my wife.

I was governed with physicality, and it was truly affecting my quest for a wife. I was even telling God my mind, but I didn’t wait for God to tell me his mind. I started searching or looking for women with nice shape.

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I so much laboured while searching for a wife, so one day, i was on my own, devastated and frustrated, because I told God that I want to get married that year, so I told God “Father, I have served you faithfully, why am I finding it difficult to find a wife” and God said to me, “Have you not considered my daughter Anwinlin, and it was as if I was hearing that name for the first time, when I have been in church with her, and also served under the same department for three years, but I have never considered her to be my wife, because I was moved by physical attraction.

God told me to go and marry Anwinlin her daughter, and as I was about calling her, she called to tell me that she wants to say yes to a guy she has been telling me about, so I told her that may the Lord guide and direct you, and she said amen, so I told her to give me details of the guy, so that I will join her in praying, but she didn’t know that I was going on Facebook to check the guy out, so I went on Facebook, and I saw the guy, I was wowed, because the guy was good looking, no lady can say no to this kind of guy.

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A week later, she called to tell me that she said no to the guy, the value I had for her increased instantly, so I told her that God said that she is going to be my wife.

I nearly made a mistake in marriage because I was looking for shape, and because of this, alot of people have ended up in a wrong marriage, because they looked for physical qualities.

For you to get it right in marriage, you must surrender yourself to God, and allow him to direct you, because you can’t afford to make mistake when it comes to marital destiny.

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