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My father disowned me, my mother called me crazy – Dr Panam Percy Paul

Jan 17, 2023

Panam Percy Paul recounts his true life experience with his parents:

“Somebody took a look at me and said nothing good will ever come out of me, I said somebody took a look at me and said, nothing good will everrrr come out of me, you may think it’s someone from afar. But my mother looked at me and called me crazy, and my father said that I had gone mad, because I left everything, only to sing…. and sing…. and sing.

My father said to me, don’t come back home no more, my own father even struck out my name from his will, …and he said to me, you are no longer my son. It was a time of pain, and a time of grief …and a time of gloom, but ladies and gentlemen that’s not the end of my story.

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Oh yes, a few years have come, and gone and one day, the elders of my people sat down in a meeting in the city of Yola, Adamawa State Nigeria …and one elder stood up introducing himself, he said my name is Rtd General so…and…so, another elder stood up introducing himself, he said my name is Rtd Air Vice Marshal …so and so… but when it Got to the turn of my father…I say when it got to the turn of my father…

My father stood up and said, how do I introduce myself to you? …and then my own father asked all the elders that were seated there and he said, how many of you know the man called Dr Panam Percy Paul (crowd cheers), and all the elders lifted their hands in approval, and my father for the first time in 19 years, proudly beat upon his chest and said, he is my son!

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I’m just here to encourage you, that it doesn’t matter who started before you…, and it doesn’t matter who has gone before you, and it doesn’t matter what they choose to call you, let them call you whatever they want to call you, after all every man is entitled to his own opinion so when they say to you, nothing good will ever come out of you, you just tell them, that is your own opinion.

When they say to you, you will never amount to anything in this life, you just tell them, that is your own opinion and the maybe… you have been married for a few short years and you don’t seem to carry a testimony and your friends will say to you, when will it be your turn… but I just want to let you know that Today! I say Today!! Jesus Christ my Lord, He is wiping away your tears. You will never cry anymore, from this day forward, if we see tears in your eyes, they will be tears of joy…”

This is a true life experience of Panam Percy Paul which he shared at an event.

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