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Love, butterflies and everything in between

Jan 6, 2023
“I use to think love had nothing to do with butterflies until I met him. You know, everything in me wanted to scream yes.”

“Really? Yes without a proposal?”

“I’m telling you. He was the complete definition of what I wanted in a man. Spiritual, handsome, smart, intelligent, responsible and quite okay financially. I fell for him at first sight.”

“Wow! You must really love him so much. Tell me, when you felt that way, did you bother to pray about his proposal at all?”

“Oh no! For me, that wasn’t necessary. He fitted perfectly into all God had told me about my future partner. Can I tell you something? The rush I felt on the inside of me anytime I saw him was something else. When he stands to lead prayers in church, my heart cries for joy. I was so sure we were meant to be.”

“Too sure to pray?”

“Something like that. Besides, he was all over me. I enjoyed every bit of his wooing. I must confess he had the keys to my heart.”

“Tell me more.”

“He’s such a balanced Christian. Spiritual yet romantic. Every of his text messages got me. We would spend hours calling and gisting and laughing. We even fasted and prayed together. It was all I ever wanted in a courtship and more. Until…”

“Until he showed the beast in him, broke down your walls and stole your pride of womanhood.

And instead of been remorseful what did he do? Gave excuses that that was his weakness and that you didn’t help matters?

When he knew you would now be more committed because of that silly mistake you made? He came out of his shells and told you how that he has a past and two sons with different mothers.”

“Annabel, I thought today was about remembering the good old times. I don’t want to talk about this ugly past.”

“Oh my dearest Jane. I knew this was where I was coming. Exactly this point. I made you recount all that so that you will understand my warnings about this Felix you are falling for again.”

“You mean brother Felix.”

“I’ve told you to stop calling him a brother. He is not! That one telling you to send him your nude pictures has nothing to do with Christ. All those nonsense pornographic novels he was recommending to you has no correlation with being born of God. Janet! Janet! Don’t say I did not tell you. This Felix is more of a beast than Williams. Run! Run for your life.”

“But I love him. I really do. Besides I have this chemistry for him that is stronger than what I had for Williams.”

“Janet have come again o. It is this same butterflies that did not make you pray about Williams o. It is this same chemistry that made you too blind to pray o. I’m talking my own now.”

“Felix is a child of God. He just has a few weaknesses which I believe God is working on.”

“Ehn ehn? Weakness Kwanu? Okay o. Let me ask you, have you even prayed about this brother? Oya tell me, what did God say?”

“Ann, at my age? See, is not at this age that I will be praying about a brother’s proposal. I don’t have that luxury of time.”

“Really? Oh! But you have the luxury of time to continue suffering heartbreaks shebi? and you have the luxury of time to endure a bad marriage? I know you kuku have the luxury of time to risk eternity to be with the one you have butterflies for? Continue but don’t say I did not warn you.”

“Trust in the Lord (not in your feelings) with all your heart. And lean not on your own understanding (or the opinions of people). In all your (marital) ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.”

Written by Fruitful E. John

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