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45 years ago, there was nothing attractive about my husband in the physical – Faith Oyedepo

Sepember 12, 1976 I was in courtship with Gods servant bishop David Oyedepo. We were not yet married then. He wrote an article “COVENANT OF DEDICATION” handing over to God all…

I can never forget that day, he called me and we went into the Church building, there was no service going on…

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He brought out this covenant he had written and signed it between him and God. He then read it to me, he said look at this…

He is the Lord over everything in my life, do you think you can still marry such a man like this? Wherever God says is where I am going.

Whatever He tells me to do is what I will do… wherever He sends me I am ready to go. No looking back. If it means wearing one trouser for years, I will not even question Him.

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Are you ready, so he asked me. Of course if I didn’t say Yes, you won’t see me here.

In the physical, nothing, absolutely nothing attractive about him. But in the realm of the Spirit, a life dedicated unto God has the greatest future.

Here we are, over 45 years after, no regret of any kind.

Hear me very well, don’t you ever be blinded by the things only physical eyes can see.

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Especially young people, don’t you ever be blinded by the things that only the physical eyes can see.

The things in the realm of the Spirit are even more real…we walk by faith and not by sight.

I pray for every one looking for a life partner, in the name of Jesus, you will not miss it in marriage.

Source: Shekinah Glory TV