• March 2, 2024 5:15 am

Fruitful Touching Lives

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Joshua Mike Bamiloye warns on the use of Television and Social Media

I’m using the television as my major point of reference in this picture; I think it forms the basis for social media when talking about what we feed our eyes with. Other examples such as our phones, laptops, tabs etc are also applicable.

There are two openings that feed our spirit and our minds; the eyes and ears. The general lie we tell ourselves is “I’m old enough to handle it”.

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But we forget that our mind isn’t a pipeline where things flow through but rather a store house. If you’re never matured enough to eat poisonous foods with your mouth, or breathe in poisoned air with your nose, then why should watching poisonous images with your eyes be excluded? The media is a great weapon and it is being used by God AS WELL AS THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

I’m not saying we should stay away from TV and other media devices, No. I’m saying sieve your content. Be very very careful because your spirit man is at stake, your mind is at stake and your LIFE (earthly and eternal) is also at stake.

Psalm 101:3, Matthew 6:22-23…
PS: if you’re guilty, don’t wait till you have to apply Matthew 5:29 before you change.