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Only insecure men bully their wives – Rev. Funke Adejumo

Dec 8, 2022

If you are a man of value, you won’t be afraid when God is blessing your wife because when God blesses your wife, she will remember you, and If you have been contributing to her success, if you have invested so much into her, then why should you be afraid when she is making progress because when God blesses her, she is going to remember you.

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Only insecure men bully their wives, only demon possessed men beat their wives and they need psychiatric attention because there is no human language that can explain to you what a woman pass through to bring forth a child, is it the pains during pregnancy or what they went through during child delivery. Many women have lost their lives because they want to give life to someone’s child, so how can you raise your hands to beat your wife.

Some of you men don’t beat your wife physically but you have beaten them emotionally, many women are passing through alot of emotional stress in their marriage.

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Stop inflicting wounds on your wives, stop beating your wives, stop abusing your wife sexually. Treat your wives the way you want other men to treat your daughters , please stop all this psychological abuse.

We are trusting the Lord to raise people who will fight against all this social vices in marriages and may God raise people that will speak against it.

I don’t see any reason why a man should be envious or afraid of his wife’s success because you both are one by marriage, that is to say that anything that belongs to her, belongs to you too.

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