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When last did you feel God? – Apostle Arome Osayi

Dec 3, 2022

Our relationship with God was designed to be affectionate, something that you will feel in your heart, there is this feeling that you should have when you are intimate with God.

If the prayers you are praying does not affect your heart, it cannot change your life, because it is only when it begins to touch your life, that it will have the potency to change your life.

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God wants to be felt , most of you cannot remember when last you felt God, when last you were in a prayer place and the movement of God there made you cry , you don’t know why you are crying but you see your crying. No matter how harden your heart may be, God desires to be felt, God wants something that will leave an impression in your heart for 5-10 years.

When last did you feel God or is your heart still harden, please lose your heart because your relationship with God was meant to feel God , it was designed to be something you can feel that makes an impact in your life.

If you cannot feel God, then it does not affect your life and if it doesn’t affect your heart, it cannot change your life.

Don’t stop praying until you start feeling it and if you don’t feel anything when you pray, that means you are not praying because your heart was designed to be an organ of affection.

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