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How To Marry Right – Rev. Funke Adejumo

Nov 28, 2022

Single men and women, before going into marriage, there are things you need to understand as a single person, please enjoy where you are on your way to where you are going, it is not marriage that complete you. If you are an incomplete single person and you get married to an incomplete person, you definitely have an incomplete marriage so get it right because it is better for the both individuals to be the right person for themselves, so develop yourself both single men and women.

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Many people get married for different reasons, it might be as a result of their age, so many people think that they are old to get married that is why they rushed into marriage that is not the will of God.

Some rush into marriage because of parental pressures, marriage is not something that you can rush into because it is something that has to do with your whole life on earth.

Marriage is the highest level of friendship on earth, so marry your friend,  you have to marry a person that you love and know very well. Some of you will say that it doesn’t matter whether you love the person or not, so long as he or she is spiritual, you will marry him or her. Close one of your eyes in prayer  and open the other for finding the right person.

Marry someone you can associate with on all levels and not be ashamed.

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Marry someone that knows your fault, and accept you just as you are because a true friend is someone that knows where you stinks, yet he or she is faithful to you.

Marry someone that loves you enough to tell the truth that you donot want to hear. Everybody may clap for you, but there should be someone that will boldly confront you when you do wrong.

Marry someone with whom you can be transparent with, honest and sincere.

Marry someone you can count on in times of crisis.

Marry someone whose needs you meet and who meet your needs.

Marry someone who is committed to help you realize God’s purpose and potentials for your life.

Marry someone that is there when he has reasons not to be there because him being there for you is artificially costly.

Marry someone that stands for you and by you in everything.

Lastly, marry someone that God has chosen for you.

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