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Leadership in a Home Front

Leadership is the supportive lifeline to balance, progress and greatness in all spheres of life, the home – family, is not exempted. The family unit under a home is the smallest but one of the most important, if not the most important unit of any society. The rise and fall of any community or nation can be traced back to how the unit of the family or home is knit together under the right head – leadership.

Many religions hold the view that the man is the lead in the home while the woman supports – Advice, encourage, in joint decision making, finance, care and be a part of the core modelling of the children and themselves as parent. This point is proven by the following statistics of homes without a father figure. (Martinez, 2011) 63 percent of teens suicides, and 85 percent of children and teens with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. 70% more likely to repeat a class and 70% more likely to drop out of school. (ibid)

In addition, of all the youths in the state-operated institutions, roughly 70% come from fatherless homes, and 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes. On the whole, fatherless kids are 20 times more likely to be incarcerated and 11 times more likely to exhibit violent behavior than children from two-parent household (Rochester area fatherhood network, voice for the voiceless)

With the above statistics, leadership in the home front is not to be trivialized. Though many style of leadership abound and are incorporated into the home, many have negative effect – the AUTOCRATIC leadership, have less togetherness, participation, joint decision making in the home and just one voice without objection. The result is – secretiveness, fear, bullies, and low esteem. On the other hand, DEMOCRATIC style promote unity, everyone is heard, decisions are jointly made and creativity is upholded. The result is often strong emotional bond, united progress, love, openness and confidence within the fold.

TRANSFORMATIONAL leadership builds more on democratic style by focusing more on the family visions, greater change and result oriented growth against the LAISSEZ-FAIRE leader that delegating duties without supervision. Unbothered by the family member’s welfare, status and the result is indiscipline and bad lifestyle from the members who in turn spread such into the society.

With the right choice of leadership style comes the unique vision of each home that cut across building the spiritual lives of the household to have intimacy with God, keep to the principles of righteousness and pious character. This is the first stone wall foundation needed to build a home, this can only be fulfilled when the leader leads the whole family in prayers, studying the word of God, teach the ways of God and show by example in going together with them to worship sanctuaries of God and in their daily life as Parent, more pronounced is that of the Father.

Others are home and external education which is to be done effectively by enrolling the children in good schools, skill acquisition centers while the leader must find a means to be available to teach, and share valuable educative discussions, chats, and examples in every area. Financial balance is very important also and can be feasible through setting goals, savings and budgeting while healthy lifestyle could be realized through exercising, providing balanced diet, healthy behaviors, preventing pressures turning into stress, quality sleep and unpolluted environment, this makes the home highly balanced and capable of fulfilling their designed purpose individually and cooperatively.

Furthermore, Crises is an inevitable response even in a home. Wisdom, prayers and conflict resolution skills are very important in leading a home in the time of crises. It may happen due to the questionable character of the leader, irresponsible, lazy, autocratic, disrespectful, unconcern, indiscipline and very rigid father over the whole household. It will also may be fueled by selfish, uncaring, unsupportive and a brawling wife. The solution to this is a father who has character, the right knowledge of parenting, and is committed to fulfilling his lifelong purpose of the home. A wife who is submissive, wise and of a charitable character.
Moreover, a leader that does not listen, communicate effectively or exert so much authority may turn the home into a fighting ring. Listening skill is a must, communicating action to the wife, and children is very essential, the use of authority must be done according to the right us.

In conclusion, the leadership in a home front is an all-inclusive journey where the leading figure help everyone to maximize their talent, in a conducive environment under the spirit of oneness and unity under God. The model of such leadership gives no room for complacency or indecisiveness. It is a lifelong journey, and the place of selecting such leader by a woman to begat children is very important. Such is not obtainable in the world.

Writer: Gem Ruby, LDH, 2022