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Mike Bamiloye: We didn’t have money, my sister-in-law bought my wedding shoe and socks

Mike Bamiloye: Me, whose wedding was helped by grace.

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When I got married, I didn’t have any money to take my wife to honeymoon. We stayed in the house that we just rented. No Money for Honeymoon.

Me, that it was my Big Sister that rented the flat for me so that I would not bring my wife to her house.

Shey, Me, that it was my Best Man that bought my suit and shirt so that I could wear the same thing with him.

Shey Me, that it was my Sister-in-Law that graciously bought the shoes and socks that I wore on my Wedding Day.

Gloria and I went around to see where we could rent a Wedding gown and we got a place and told them we would come back with the money, before a Sister in our Ministry gave us the money to deposit for sowing a Wedding Gown.

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Me, that I took my wife to the Registry to ask about Court Marriage and they told us the money to pay for the event, it was a very small amount of money. It was around N170.00 (One Hundred and Seventy NAIRA). But we could not get the Money so we collected their forms and never returned with it because I could noIt get the money required.

So we went to the Wedding without the Registry. So we never had Government Marriage Certificate until about Six years ago when and Embassy demanded for it, because we didn’t have the money for Court Marriage.

All the Money we got on our Wedding day was used to settle the debts of the printer who printed out Wedding Programs and other things.
So, two days after our Wedding, we had no money on us again.

The following Saturday we had a drama ministrations in ILESA, and we stood beside the road looking for “Lift” to ministration venue.
But here we are sponsored by GRACE, I thank God I didn’t marry a lady who would put me understand unwarranted pressures and unnecessary constraints.

Glory be to God for GLORIA!

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