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Drink your garri with honor – Apostle Joshua Selman

“Drink your garri with honor” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Brothers and sisters I want you to trust what God is doing in and through your life. You may not understand what he is doing but I want you to trust him. It pays to trust him! Remember that the mission is “follow me”. God does not owe you an explanation to every process, he only owes you a revelation of himself to understand where he is taking you to.
We live in a very scientific world that requires that we understand every thing per second per time. When it has to do with walking with God, you have to trust him and know that …”God you are taking me to the place of destiny and I believe you. “

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Don’t rush a season in your life now because you will miss it, you will look for it and not find it. It will take a telescope to look back and say where am I coming from.

So what you do is not actually the problem, it’s who you are? Everything is waiting for you to grow to grow as well. You don’t look for money, you will never find it. Every realm and every levels in your life have the possibility attached to it to come. You don’t bring them by getting them you bring them by knowing.

Stop leaving a fake Life. Do what is accurate at the right time. Let men laugh while you rise, they will be witnesses when you rise……Brothers And Sisters, Drink Your Garri With Honour.

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Hear this, We win in life by strategy. If Ruth had not gone to the farm of Boaz, she would have never married. If the Israelites carried their swords to win Jericho, they would have been slaughtered like chickens. It takes strategies to win. You have dreams, where is the strategy? When I meet pastors, they tell me their message but don’t tell me the strategy. God said you should raise a people, how? Where are these people? How will you fulfil the mandate? A friend asked me if he should stop collecting offerings in his church and I told him to go and find out how God designed the financial strategy of his ministry. Go and pray and receive a strategy.

You have a choice to hustle or go to God and ask him to show you the way. My God can help men o…
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