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Believe in your future and wait for it! – Mike Bamiloye

A lot of those people who started the ministry with us never believed the Future of the ministry, so they never stayed in the ministry to partake in the glorious destiny of the ministry we are seeing today. Read Also, Mike Bamiloye recounts how Mount Zion failed over and over again in the past!

A member of Mount Zion once asked me, many years ago, when we were travelling around with nylon bags and sacks, and we were sleeping inside church buildings of wherever we were invited. It was 1988. We were getting ready for our first drama ministration at RCCG Headquarters, Ebute Metta, and we were arranging the open-air stage while we had not yet broken our regular daily fast. He looked at me and said: “Bro Mike, Is this how we shall be living our lives? What is the future of this ministry? What of when we begin to have children?” I looked back at him and said, I don’t know the future of this ministry, I am only following the LORD by faith and I believe He will take us to beautiful destination.”

The brother had since left the ministry. He left when the future was no so clear at all. Now, he is outside of the ministry and watching all the glorious occurences in the ministry from outside the fence.

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Every ministry and ministerial calling the Lord has given to you is your Canaan land. You must believe all the visions He gave to you about the future of the ministry. And you have to wait for the fulfilment of the promise. You must wait for however long it takes for you to get there.

Caleb waited for 45 years to see and get the Land the Lord had promised him and his children. It was a beautiful Mountain of Hebron. He waited for it and he got it.

Joseph was 17 years when the Lord showed him he would rule and his brothers and people were coming to bow before him. But he had to wait. Joseph waited for 13 more years till he walked into the future of the fulfilment of the promise.

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David was probably around 12 years old when he was anointed as King of Israel. But he had to wait for the Future to come and he began ruling the people of Judah in Hebron at the age of 30 years (2 Samuel 2:4) and was anointed the King over the whole Israel at the age of 37. That was about 18 years of waiting. You have to learn to wait for the fulfilment of the Lord’s promise for your ministry and for your life.

Abraham had to wait 25 years to finally receive the promised land. If you are the type that easily gets tired and frustrated in the assignment and visions of God’s work, it will be difficult to finally possess your possessions in your ministry. Read Also,I used to be a Muslim Girl – Interview with Gloria Bamiloye

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

Psalm 27:14

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