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This is what you should be doing with your life now! – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman Messages in 2021

In this inspiring and thought provoking message, Apostle Joshua Selman shares what you should be doing with your life now according to your age. Be inspired and don’t forget to be a blessing by sharing with others. Read also, How demons penetrate people through ungodly music – Apostle Johnson Suleman

The morning stage of every man’s life represents the first twenty-five years of life. This is the stage where you can make mistakes and go scot-free, life will forgive you. There are certain things that should have happened to your destiny at that stage, according to God’s expectations, by twenty five years, you should have found Jesus Christ, you should not be walking around hoping to guess what salvation is, No! By twenty five you should be filled with the Holy Ghost and building strategic destiny relationships.

There are many people who got born again at thirty, you are already five years behind schedule of seasons. Someone of eighteen years can be playing with his life, you who is thirty five, you are joining him to play, who is foolish? That person can play around with his life and repents later on and still work within the twenty five years, you that time has already gone, you don’t have that time again. First twenty-five years of your life is a time for massive investment in your spirit – a prayer bank, that is the time to have a track record of commitment to God. Read also, Once upon a time in my life – Apostle Joshua Selman

The afternoon stage. The morning stage is the stage of learning, the afternoon stage is the stage of execution and it represents the next twenty-five years of your life; from twenty six to fifty years. That is not the stage of rehearsal, if you are still learning at that stage, you are behind time. Jesus Christ; look at what He was doing at age twelve, because he knew that destiny is measured in time. At age twelve when His contemporaries were running around and managing the pressures of teenage, He was at the temple with those who had gone ahead, redeeming the time. When His parent came to drive Him, He said “do you not know that I should be about my Father’s business?” That is a twelve-year old child. For the next eighteen years, we do not hear of Jesus Christ again, the next time He showed up, He is a thirty-year-old man, prepared with stature and in three and half years, he finished His assignment and signed it. Till today, nobody has been able to produce that kind of result – thirty years! So, the second season of your life is the season of execution, walking in the fullness of your purpose and your assignment, from age twenty six to fifty.

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The evening stage. This is the stage of legacy. At this point, you are not trying to prove a point again. From the time you are fifty-one down to seventy-five, it’s a stage of legacy; that’s when you begin to build institutions that reflects your value.

You are not successful until there is a generation that becomes loyal to your thoughts. You cannot mark your script and give yourself a grade, it is one generation that will tell us whether you are successful or not. Our success is proof that Jesus succeeded. This is a stage of mentoring and building younger generations. There are young people who are sleeping eight hours in one day. Let me give you an advice, if you sleep eight hours out of twenty five years, by the time you are thirty years, you’ve slept for ten years of your life, sleeping for ten years at age thirty. Be careful with over- seeking comfort at an early stage in life. We have a generation that is so passionate about comfort. You read the Bible for two hours, you sleep for four hours, you have to be careful! I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day, Jesus Himself said this; for the night cometh when no man can work again.

The last stage is the stage of rest, not death but rest. If you started this journey completely well, at seventy-five, you should almost be ready to finish your assignment. You’ll only be consolidating and blessing the name of the Lord. There are few people who were able to demonstrate this in their lifetime, one of them was Billy Graham, a man who finished his assignment and was still alive to turn back, everyone knew that this man had finished his assignment. See why you must never watch bbnaija – Apostle Arome Osayi