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Men who don’t appreciate their wives are wicked! – Pastor Paul Enenche

Men who don't appreciate their wives are wicked - Pastor Paul Enenche

The Founder of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche addresses husbands, says men who don’t appreciate their wives are wicked! Read below.

Thanksgiving and appreciation are signs of good behavior. Our parents told us when we were growing up. Always learn to say thank you, don’t take anything for granted. If someone does anything good for you, tell them thank you. There are words that they tell us are words of good behavior; words like “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me sir”, “I am sorry”.

Appreciation is proof of kindness or generosity: towards the person you are appreciating. You are kind enough and generous enough not to deprive a person of what is due to him. You know wicked husbands never say thank you to their wives for no reason. Instead they will say, “Is it not her duty to serve me food?” “Is it not her duty to take care of the children?”

Sometimes, my wife traveled to see our children and returned back. So, I said to her, “thank you for helping me take care of the children”. And she said,” what do you mean sir, helping you to take care of the children. Are they not my children too?” I said “they are your children too but where is it written that only the mother should take care of the children, visit them in school, pay attention to their lists, answer their questions”. I said, “where is it written?”

Do you know in the animal kingdom, it is the lions that keep the children and the lioness goes for hunting. Do you know that the male ostrich keeps the children and the female one goes out? But here, we say “Oh I am the man of the house”. The woman is almost dying with the care of children and the man is not aware; do their homework for them, visit them in school, cook food, iron clothes because I married a ‘donkey’? Read also, How I survived the seduction of a marine lady – Apostle Arome Osayi

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Kind-hearted people say thank you. It is proof of goodness, and you see what we do to man, we take it to God. Those who can’t tell people thank you find it hard to say thank you to God. You can say thank you to your children, thank you to your husbands, thank you to your staff. My wife is used to saying well-done to our drivers, She will call their names and appreciate them. So, if you don’t know how to say thank you to God or man, your character is bad.

Appreciation is proof of gratitude. It is proof of a grateful heart, a heart that don’t take things for granted. You don’t think it’s your right. I heard a story of a young man. If you gave him a pen, he will collect it, use it and just return it back to the original owner. That’s a very wicked heart. Instead of saying thank you, he will say this thing just returned back to the original owner. Will you ever have any business to do with such a person? And the hearts that are grateful are very few. That’s why greatness is very minimal.

Appreciation is proof of humility. You are humble enough to know that, what happened you didn’t do it. When people give me offering and say I just want to give you this, I am appreciative of the healing I received in service. I brought this offering for you . I say, “I can’t receive it because I am not the Healer”. Put it in the offering. Humble people are profusely grateful. See Pastor Paul Enenche calls out Billionaire Bill Gates on vaccine issues.

I told you the story last time, when I told somebody to come by flight. He took it as if it was his right. And I said, okay don’t bother, come by road. By the time he reached here and we talked, he’s corrected. I gave him his flight money back. It’s proof of humility and humility is not stupidity. Humility is high mentality. Wise people are humble, foolish people are arrogant because they don’t know how much doors were closed because of their arrogance.Appreciation is proof of helplessness under God. When you are saying to God thank You, you are actually saying, I feel very helpless if not that You helped me. I feel very unqualified if not that You helped me.

Appreciation is proof of honesty. Fake people can’t say thank you, especially to God. Untruthful people can’t say thank you. They claim the glory that is not theirs and that is a lie. Appreciation is proof of reliability. It is proof of Godliness and righteousness. Begin appreciation from where you are – start it with the people in your life, start it with your wife,your children, your relatives, your staff. Read also, How love changed an armed robber to a pastor – Becky Enenche