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Your wife is not a baby manufacturing machine! – Funke Adejumo

Sep 19, 2021
Rev. Funke Adejumo and her husband, Pastor Philip Adejumo

Funke Adejumo is an evangelist, a marriage counsellor and a vast christian author. She is married to Bishop Felix Remi Adejumo, the president of Agape Christian Ministries Inc. Every year, Rev. Funke Adejumo hosts the winning edge conference where women from across the world have the priviledge to drink from her well of knowledge. In a trending sermon. Evang. Funke Adejumo asserts that women should not be treated like they are baby manufacturing machines. Find what she said below. Read also, How I Met My Husband – Funke Adejumo

“God has blessed me with one of the most responsible family men on earth. When our marriage was young and we were raising our kids, my husband was involved committedly. We raised the kids together. He is a family man per excellence. He helped with school runs. He put the children and me before church work and ministry. His principle is: God first, family next, God’s work/career third! This disposition simplified my life extensively. There were times when my husband will tell me to rest while he rocked the baby to sleep. I’m grateful to the Lord and to him for this. It helped a great deal in the pursuit of my career and ministry.”

On conflict resolution in marriage, she says: “I will say it all boils down to the tongue and temper. If these two are properly managed by husband and wife, there will be less stress in marriage. Some men don’t treat their wives well. To them a woman is a necessary evil, a baby-manufacturing machine and a glorified slave. This mentality is absolutely wrong. Your wife is an integral part of your life and should be treated with dignity.

“Also, the wife should honour her husband. Don’t prove to your husband that you are in competition with him. Just compliment him. Even when you are hurting or angry, don’t be rude. Relate well with your in-laws. Don’t be mean to people. Anybody can become great. No one knows tomorrow.” Read also, A good marriage is not automatic – Gloria Bamiloye

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