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Once upon a time in my life, I had the luxury to pray! – Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman Koinonia Messages

Apostle Joshua Selman of Eternity Network International (eni) speaks on the importance of prayer, shares how he once had the luxury of time to pray. Read his exact words below:

“Once upon a time in my life, I had the luxury to pray, I could lock myself even if it’s 3days at will and not come out because I had the time. Today, I dont have that kind of time. If I want to make that kind of time, I would have to go out of my way, many programmes will suffer just because I want three days to myself.

Young lady, now that you don’t have children, God said; fast for three days, you said “no” . You don’t know the days that are coming. You don’t know the responsibilities of the attack that can come on your children. You are enjoying and God is saying “Pray!”

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Young man, you want to start ministry and you are moving around with protocols and God is saying sitdown. There are days coming, you do not know demons that attack mantles and anointing…PREPARE!! Because where I am sending you to, you will need power in the spirit for the kind of result you want. Read also, Words hurt far more than you know – Joshua Mike Bamiloye

Can I tell you? Don’t let people pity you out of preparing for great season. Sometimes people can love you too much, they will say this is too much, this fasting is too much, this thing is too much. They don’t know the other season coming. God said, I want to take you and give you an influence with kings and the Lord said, go for another degree, go for another programme and they said is too much. And the devil is deceiving you and time is going. Don’t say there is time. THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING!

When you buy a product, there is something written on the product “best before”. That mean if you want to enjoy this product, consume it before certain time. Imagine a man of 45 years going to primary school…Yes, no knowledge is a waste but as far am concerned, if I’m the teacher, that man will not write exam, I will just give him pass and tell him to go because I know that he’s most likely wasting his time there. When the young people are jumping and rejoicing, that man will be thinking of his child…SEASONS!” Read also, Prophet TB Joshua’s wife takes over leadership of Synagogue Church!