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How I grew from a Dullard to the Intelligent Damilola Mike-Bamiloye you now know!

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Damilola Mike-Bamiloye shares the testimony of how God transformed him from a dullard to the intelligent man the world now knows. Read also, I used to be a Muslim Girl! – Gloria Bamiloye.

Read the Testimony of Damilola Mike-Bamiloye below

It is possible for people to say this person is a failure but if God’s word hasn’t said it then it’s not it. Because God’s word is everything. I will share with you a testimony from my life. You know, I can confidently say i’m not the brilliant intelligent person you use to know. When I was little, my mom kept changing me from school to school because every school kept rejecting me because they said I could not cope. You know there is an intelligent way the authorities of the school will say your child is a dullard. They will say “he can’t cope with the present standard so we cannot accept him into our school.”

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They took me to the first school, I was rejected. They took me to the second school, I was rejected. It got to a point my mom was crying and the reason is simple because I was old enough to read and write but I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write. My mom had tried several things. My mom’s friend looked at my mom and said “Don’t worry. See, Dami will read and write. I will make sure of it. I have taught plenty children to read and write and it has not failed, this one is no exception he will learn how to read and write.” Read also, Mike Bamiloye – How my wife and I battled with financial lack in the ministry.

My mom’s friend, Mummy Grace, she sat me down and said “Dami, sit down. Say you can do it.” I said “I can do it” Now “C.A.T, spell it?” I couldn’t. “D.O.G, spell it?” I couldn’t. She tried her best to teach me how to read, I still couldn’t read. Then she said to my mum “Mummy Dammy, Don’t worry. God’s time is the best, don’t let us push this boy.” And so she left me. And the search continued again, looking for schools to go. Read also, Facts about Damilola Mike-Bamiloye on his birthday

I remember one time I was walking on the road, and my mummy was slapping my head as I was walking and she was saying “they said you cannot read, they said you cannot read, they said…” she kept saying that and slapping my head. It was not a funny experience for a mother to see that her child is not successful, her child is not brilliant, it’s painful,it’s very painful but I will tell you what eventually happened. You can continue reading the article or watch the video here.

One day, I was standing, I and my brother sometimes we like to pretend as if we’re acting drama and so we imagine that there is an invisible camera watching us so sometimes we can act any drama probably a scene from one of our movies because back then there was no video game, there was no computer game, all you have is each other and so we were adding drama to each other and so I decided to act like a pastor.

I was very small but I decided to act like a pastor, my younger brother acted my assistant pastor and so I stood and I was talking to an imaginary audience. I said “give your life to Jesus.” My brother was interpreting for me but he was saying complete rubbish. I said you need to give your life to Jesus and as I was talking and acting. I looked at the bible in front of me and I said, “give your life to Jesus because the bible says…em…the bible says…” and for the first time it was as if the word in the bible just jumped out right at me. I said “the bible says, For god so love the world and and for the first time I started reading the bible. I started reading the bible! Something every teacher had tried to teach me and I couldn’t. But for the first time, the word of God came out alive to me and it was on record that the first book i will ever read in my life was the bible. So I said “the bible said for God…” when I discovered I was actually reading it, I was so excited. I was jumping around. I ran through the passage and I was shouting “I can read! I can read! I can read!” i went to my mom and told her “I can read!” Read also, Mike Bamiloye recounts the story of how Mount zion started.

My dad had bought a book for me years ago hoping that one day deliverance will happen in this house. This boy would read and so he gave me the book. He opened the book and told me to read it, I was reading it. There was joy in the house that day, there was happiness, for the first time I was above. Read also, How I met my husband – Gloria Bamiloye

The word of god has the power to take you from a low level to a high level, from beneath to above. The bible says the entrance of the word brings light and understanding to the simple. So no matter how people may have concluded your case and say “it’s over for this person” why not spend time with God’s word?

I want to throw you a challenge today, spend time with God’s word – quality time and say “Father, if this is life, I want this bible to be my life. I want to be addicted to this bible.” And you’ll see the change that will happen in your life. In terms of purpose, you cannot find purpose anywhere. You cannot find vision anywhere. It’s only in God’s word that you can have the definition of who you truly are. It’s only in the word of God that you can have a definition of who you truly are. Only in God’s word! So take time to pay attention to what God is saying. Take time to pay attention to what God has said, because it’s in his word that there is life, its in his word that there is hope! Read also, Gloria Bamiloye – How I almost missed it in Marriage!