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How I met my husband – Rev. Funke Adejumo

Funke Adejumo and her husband, Bishop Felix Adejumo

Rev. Funke Adejumo shares how she met her husband Bishop Philip Felix-Adejumo.

“I met him (my husband) as a student at the university of Ibadan. And we got married in 1984, before we relocated to Akure in 1988. That was when he became a pastor. I didn’t marry a pastor, I married a town planner.

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A lot of suitors came for me. He was the fourteenth person to approach me for marriage, and I knew that God preserved me for him. I thank God that I waited for him. When we started the Agape Christian Ministries, it was very hard on me because those days, pastors’ wives were not supposed to be anything.

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I remember the first time I mounted the pulpit to preach, somebody walked out of the church, questioning why a woman should be allowed to preach to the congregation. But my husband maintained that being a woman doesn’t reduce one to a second class citizen. I thank him for making me what I am today. I remember how some women came to thank my husband for allowing me to become what I am today, because other of men of God were inspired to do the same.

My husband is a fantastic man of God. I’m tempted to call him an angel but I know he’s not because he’s human. He’s a very secured man who believes that you can rise and allow others to rise too. He once told me that I should not allow myself to die under his shadow.

He also said to me that there is so much from my inside that my generation is waiting for; and that as I’m helping him, he also will help me. I wish that all husbands are like my husband. He has his own short comings as a human being. But if I get to heaven and there is another opportunity for me, I will marry him again.

I am blessed to be happily married to a most secure man- Prince Felix AdérêmíIshola Adejumo. I call him ‘my Oasis of Calm’. He is my number one Mentor. After my Lord Jesus Christ, my husband is my ‘Safe Haven’.

He has mentored me over the years to give myself peace of mind and never to compete with anyone but myself. My husband is quiet on the surface but solid with a Capital S on his inside. My entire life got on a meaningful direction when God blessed me with this gem of a man. He regularly tells me things like: “Darling, I believe in you, don’t die under my shadow”; “I made up my mind a long time ago never to oppress you.” “I am more than an African husband; I’m a Bible-husband”; “What you cannot get today, you will get tomorrow, don’t worry yourself to death.”

A woman is affected by what she hears. I have been privileged to hear positive words from my husband and those words have helped in making me the person I have become today by God’s Grace. I am eternally grateful to the Lord for the honour of being Mrs. Felix-Adejumo”