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Evangelist Mike Bamiloye – This is why you must never stop loving your wife!

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye and his wife, Gloria Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries shares why husbands must never stop loving their wives. Read below.

When you are a child of God, but you don’t know how to give honor to your wife, the bible says you stand the chance of having your prayers hindered. If you are a child of God, a prayer warrior, an Intercessor, but you keep breaking the heart of your wife by your behaviors and attitude, you hurt her and pushes her into moments of silent cry and midnight tears, the Bible says your prayers may be hindered. Read also, Gloria Bamiloye – How I met my husband, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

If you are a minister of God and you preach about and heal other people’s homes and marriages, putting smiles on other men’s wives, but your wife never enjoys your company; you are a terror in the house, a stranger to your wife, the bible says you may be the one hindering your own prayers.

This Scripture above shows us that, before you put the blame of your long-term unanswered prayers on the door-step of your enemies and household witches, or think it is the Lord that is keeping you on waiting-list; you should check first, if you are not the one standing against the answers to the Prayers by the various ways you have dishonored your wife – the bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh.

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Pastors, who do you pay more attention to? Your wife or the women in your congregation? To keep their church members, some Ministers of God and Pastors are more comfortable spending more time with their church members than having time with their wives. Some men have pushed their wives to the brink of madness, and yet they are ready to go into seven, or twenty-one days of prayers and fasting for a release of Blessings upon their home. Read also, I used to be a Muslim Girl – Gloria Bamiloye

This Word of God says, Your attitude and behavior to your wife may be the reasons why your prayers have remained hindered from reaching the throne of grace.

Some men lack understanding in dwelling with their wives…They lack understanding of their emotions, their fears, their love, their desire, and their moods. The husband just want to have his way all the time. You risk having your prayers being hindered!

Some men have placed their family relatives over and above their wives. So the wife have been placed under the captivity and authority of family relations, so that the mind and the loyalty of the wife is torn between two forces; compelled to carry the loads and responsibilities of in-laws cousins and nephews and uncles and aunties of her husband… Brothers! You risk having your many prayers hindered!

Honor her,
Make her feel loved,
Protect Her…Shield her….ike a Weaker Vessel.