• September 29, 2022 9:13 pm

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Angel slaps woman for insulting Bishop David Oyedepo

Angel slaps woman for insulting bishop david oyedepo

The general overseer of the Living Faith Church popularly known as the winners chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo shares in a recent program at the Faith Tabernacle how angels in support of him slapped an elderly wan who insulted him. Read his account below. Read also, Gloria Bamiloye – How I met my husband.

One elderly woman came to me, very sorry case. She said, “she said a lot of things against me and she just saw people slapping her, but she can’t see them.” She said, “please forgive me.”

I said, “I don’t even know what to do but you are forgiven.” She said, “they are slapping me every day.” It is my Angel who called some other Angels that there is somebody to slap somewhere.

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I taught on Angels one day in Kaduna and armed robbers came into a place. The person said, “angels of God show up” and they started hearing loud noise on the ceiling. The robbers took heed. He caught the Word and at that time, there was nobody to call, there was no mobile phone. “Angels of God show yourself” and then on the spot, loud noise on the roof.I am too conscious of my own Angel because each one has, but you may not be conscious of them. You may run away while your Angel is standing by to deliver you.

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