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I thought my dad was wicked! – Dunsin Oyekan

This Dunsin Oyekan’s message was transcribed by Revival Update, Edited and Adapted by Fruitful Touching Lives

Dunsin Oyekan is a popular Nigerian gospel singer, music producer, instrumentalist (guitar), and recording artist. In a message, Dunsin Oyekan shares his debate with his dad as regards going into ministry. Read below:

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I thought my dad was wicked - Dunsin Oyekan

I was born into a house of pastors and general overseers, so what I grew up to know was ministry. I struggled to get into ministry, been around pastors and being the only son of a general overseer. My dad always took me to attend Minister’s conference as far back as when I was eight years old. I will have to fast till we got home in the night by 10pm. I usually looked at him like “what kind of a wicked father is this…”

I was always taunted by sisters who mocked me. I remember this conversation between me and my dad one night. At that time I was in the university and he took me out for prayers. We were almost getting to the place and he asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up. I said, “I have everything planned out…” and I told him what I wanted to do. Then he looked at me and said “no! you are going to be in ministry” and I said to him, “did you sacrifice me on the altar? Because I need to know now”. So we had that conversation till we got to the place of prayer, then suddenly, in the midst of prayers, the word of the Lord came from someone who wasn’t there when my dad and I had that conversation. (It was a clear confirmation of what my dad had said). We both looked at ourselves surprisingly (myself and my dad). It was at that point I started taking my life more seriously.

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From that time everything changed. I lost passion in whatever I wanted to become. I don’t know how but everything changed – no passion, no drive to do any other thing. When people in class said what they wanted to become, I couldn’t say anything. I tried but I couldn’t say anything. People would say to me “are you sure you know what you want to do?” I would answer, “sincerely I don’t know what is happening to me, but I think I might end up in ministry”. It was after my dad passed on that I fully embraced ministry.

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“If you focus on the pain of transition, you will miss the purpose.”

“Moses! what you have in your hand is not just a rod. No! It’s a scepter! Worshippers, it’s not just a song, you are not just leading people into His presence, that’s your instrument of victory! True worship always prevails! Worship your way through!”

“As a child of God, the first thing the devil works on is your mentality…he wants you to see yourself as ordinary. No! you are not! You are more than what you see, feel and experience. Let the channels of your spirit open up!

“If you want to go far in Life…Thicken your skin and deafen your ear!”

“Real greatness is in simplicity!”

“I can’t read the history of the Fathers of faith and be entertained by it. No! It has to spur me into action, knowing there’s more and it’s obtainable.”

“I’ll rather go with GOD! People will catch up later!”

“God shows you the future and not the process. The process may not look like it but you will surely get to the expected end.”

“There’s a life! Obviously not on social media. Get that Life!”

“Truth before time seems like a lie until time catches up with the truth.”

“Think about this! Principles are what we turn to when we cannot discern HIS presence…”

“Your prayer should be a genuine cry saying ‘Lord use me for your glory’ not ‘I want to be known’. Carriers of God’s glory can never be hidden.”

“Music ministers! Please don’t let your music be an extension of colonial rule, find your sound, and keep it!”

Dunsin Oyekan