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Husband! Don’t Beat Your Wife – Pastor DK Olukoya

Don't beat your wife by Dr DK Olukoya of MFM

Don’t beat your wife! When you beat her, you are likely to run into more problems than you can cope with. Remember she has a guardian angel just as you have. The bible says that, the guardian angel is continually beholding the face of God. The meaning of this is that the angels have a right to petition God on your behalf or on your wife’s behalf about your needs or the needs of your wife.

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don't beat your wife by Dr DK Olukoya of MFM

If your angel is about to bring something to you after you have just given your wife a thorough beating, her angel can petition against you and that is how your prayers can be hindered. It is the same thing when you refuse to forgive her.

Don’t beat your wife – Tips to resolve conflicts in Marriage

Perhaps, you are in the habit of telling your wife that “I can never, never forgive you! Maybe when we get to heaven then i will forget what you have done.” Let me assure you that nobody settles quarrels in heaven. If you refuse to settle your quarrel here on earth, the Almighty God’s choice will be to throw the two of you down into hell, because He has no time to settle quarrels. The whole world is before Him and He wants to judge. He, therefore, will not have time to settle whatever quarrels you have. He has no time for that. Settle your quarrels with your wife here, forgive easily, be generous with her as this is the will of God for you.

Wives! Don’t Abuse Your Beauty

Now that God has given you a good and beautiful body, why do you want to use it for money? You do not ask for money except when it is time ot have sex with your husband. It is when your husband comes close to you that you begin to ask for money? Are you pleasing God this way? Examine yourself.

Curled from the book, ‘Brokeness’ by Dr. DK Olukoya