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God is not the source of your temptation!

Aug 15, 2021
Spiritual stagnancy

Is God the source of temptation? Hell No! God is not the source of your temptations. Temptations come from satan and our own ungodly desires. Though God may test us and allow us to go through trials in order to strengthen our faith, it is never with the intent of leading or tempting us to sin.

God is not the source of your temptation, build a stronger spiritual life

Samson who was born for the top and specifically anointed to remain at the top chose to always go down. One day, he went down to the valley of sorek and he couldn’t find his way up again. It takes just one temptation for the enemy to ruin your destiny. Be careful! You don’t know if the next temptation you will fall into will be your own valley of sorek. That lady at your place of work could seem sincere and harmless as a dove. Watch your back brother! She could be the Delilah at the gate of Sorek.

How to Start Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself?

Because believers are bound to face temptations, it becomes imperative to look for the way out. In the video below, I’m sharing with you scriptural keys to overcoming temptations from the life of Joseph. These keys will also be helpful for overcoming lust and full blown addictions.

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