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Evil spirits work on Legal Grounds – Pastor DK Olukoya

Aug 14, 2021

Evil spirits have no power to bring about destruction in your life, unless they fnd an area in your life which is unyielding to God. It is through this unyielding area that they come in. For some people, it is their stomach; for some, it is greed; for others, it is selfishness. That is not all. It could be anger for some, yet for others it is bitterness, gossiping, resentment and perhaps malice.

How can a Christian say, “If we don’t settle the quarrel down here, we will settle it up there in heaven.” Nobody would nurse a quarrel in mind and get to heaven. The bible says that no unclean thing will enter therein to spoil the beauty of the place. God loves his children so much that he will not permit one single sinner to enter heaven with them to pollute it.

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In the video below, the Evil Spirits of this man’s father’s house worked on the legal grounds of his ignorance. Watch it!

Curled from ‘Brokeness’ by Dr. DK Olukoya

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