• September 29, 2022 9:37 pm

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How to Follow and Fulfill God’s Purpose For Your Life?

How to follow and fulfill God's purpose for your life, spiritual growth

The purpose of God for your life is the pathway he has set for your fulfillment in life. You need to not only find that way, you need to walk in it. To follow and fulfill God’s purpose for your life, you need to hear a voice behind you. Divine leading is the backbone, the motivation you need to follow and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

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There are many ways to accomplish any task in life, but there is only one way to fulfill your purpose. That way is God’s way. All you need to fulfill God’s purpose for your life has been made available. You just need to hear God’s voice to find them. How can you hope to fulfill God’s purpose for your life when you consistently ignore his voice. It may not make sense but it will make souls. The place of divine leading is non-negotiable if we want to remain relevant in God’s purpose for our lives. The voice of God is what you need to consistently hear. It is enough motivation to keep you going. One step at a time, one voice at a time. Not a step at a time before a voice at a time. His voice comes first before the steps. Only then can you be confident that he is ordering your steps.

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If you want your purpose to outlive you far into eternity, then make up your mind to follow your purpose like Jesus did. He said “whatever I hear my father say, I do.” The ways of God are past finding out. You don’t need to understand it as much as you need to follow it. On our own, we could never comprehend God’s purposes. Find your purpose and follow it even if it means standing alone.

You may have never walked this way before, but God has. He has walked far into eternity and he knows what’s ahead. To fulfill His purpose for your life, you have to trust his foolishness because God’s foolishness is greater than the wisdom of man. The voice of God may sound like stupidity in the ears of men. You may be despised for holding on to his word as regards your purpose in life. Nevertheless, stay true to Him and He will come through for you.