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Gloria Bamiloye – Discovering Christ is better than Money

Aug 8, 2021

Curled from the Gloria Bamiloye Interview with Yemisi Adeniran

I thank God because I believe one can only be fulfilled when he or she is able to discover his or her purpose in life. I don’t think I will be fulfilled if I’m not doing what I found myself doing today. I have a passion for other things but I am happy with this calling because through it God has been able to show me His purpose in life. And I had to know that it is not all about money.

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Discovering Christ is better than money. When you know that this thing you are doing is of the Lord and you are touching lives through it, you will feel very fulfilled. That is enough for me to be happy and to me, that is fulfillment in life.

Interview with Gloria Bamiloye

God inspires me. Myself and my husband rely solely on God and move on His direction only. We don’t just act. A lot of people have approached us to help them put their stories to play, but we have declined. The reason is that we don’t just decide on any story available, we ask God for a lead. Whenever my husband needs to embark on a production, he will go to a quiet place to pray and wait upon the Lord until the Lord impresses one on his mind. We believe God always has something for his people and so we wouldn’t do anything until He speaks. I mean, unless God gives a lead, we would not move. We won’t for any reason cook up a story just for the sake of having something released. Though it can work for some people, we don’t joke with this rule. I believe that revelation from God is more powerful because God knows what is happening now and what will happen tomorrow. I am inspired by God’s revelations. We are just like any other pastor who prays and waits upon the Lord for instructions before he proceeds on any ministration.

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My prayer is that God should keep us alive and assist us to achieve more on His behalf. I believe there is still more in life for us to cover. We have just started and we are still growing and aiming higher. My prayer is that God should just help us to fulfill all that He wants us to do for Him.

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