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You’ll be surprised to find other denominations in Heaven – Pastor Kumuyi warns Deeper Life Members

Pastor Kumuyi warns deeper life members against pseudo holiness

The General Suprintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi, in the message below warns Deeper Life members to beware of the pseudo kind of holiness, says to throw away the holiness that does not give you joy. In addition, he goes ahead to declare that Deeper Life members will be surprised to see people of other denominations whom they have condemned in heaven.

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Deeper Life! Throw away the Holiness that does not give you joy!

You know, there are these type of Deeper Life holy people, workers, when you are singing and you are clapping your hands, they are so holy that they cannot clap their hands. The kind of holiness they seem to have is the one that is only external. They can’t sing. They can’t worship God. They can’t clap and be joyful. I mean, the holiness that doesn’t give you joy, throw it away! The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Somebody who was nice before – very nice, very peaceful. She’ll talk with you, she’ll help you, she will love you and will speak encouraging words before she was sanctified. Now she becomes sanctified and she can’t talk to anybody. I mean if she talks, the holiness through the mouth will fly away. We need to begin to understand what the bible actually says. The holiness that you have that now makes you to be more clever in condemning people, that makes everybody your enemy. Now, all the other people you know in the fellowship are backslidden and you are the only one that is standing. You are the holier than thou, holier than the pastor, holier than everybody else and whenever they are doing anything or planning anything (in church), these ‘holy people’, ‘sanctified people’ will just stay apart. And we say “ha ha, sister what’s the matter with you, brother what’s the matter with you?” Then, they’ll reply “well, I’m sorry, I don’t want to contaminate myself. I want to get to heaven. All that discussion they are having and all that. I know how the Lord is dealing with me and I just want to keep my state…if only you know how the Lord is dealing with me. It’s not that there is anything but holiness is too delicate and if I talk, I will lose it.”And with that false impression, people think that they are going to heaven?

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You’ll be surprised to find people from other denominations in Heaven – Pastor Kumuyi warns Deeper Life Members

Aren’t you grateful you have not died, because if you had died, we would have been rejoicing here thinking that you went to heaven. But you know, you’ll be surprised when you get to heaven. You’ll be surprised to find people from anglican church or apostolic church there.

In those other churches, there are people who love God. They don’t know bible too much in the head but the little they know is inside their heart. You know, when you don’t have too many clothes, the little clothes you have, you’ll pack it in your box and lock it up very well.

Those people, some of them who don’t have too much bible in the head, the little they have, they hold it tight. And while they are dying, they are saying “Jesus! I just depend on your blood not on myself. I’m not good, but that blood that was shed for me and as they are dying, they are saying, the blood of Jesus, just wash me, I will see your face, only by the blood, by that blood alone and eventually they get to heaven.

But you, you want to get to heaven on your own. And you’re like. “Oh Jesus! Your blood is wonderful. I got saved through that blood many years ago. As I’m dying now, I am holy enough by the works of my hand. I’ll make it. I didn’t wear jewelry. I didn’t dress worldly. I didn’t do anything. Just holy and holy and holy all the time. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. Jesus! I’m coming. Get ready for me.” And you won’t make it. Nobody ever made it in his own strength. It is just by the blood of Jesus. I mean the holiness that makes you so proud that you feel you can make it all alone by yourself? And yet, the bible says not the works of my hand…You can’t make it that way.

Getting to Heaven is not by ritualistic obedience – Pastor Kumuyi warns

It is not just by ritualistic obedience. Now, I dress this way, I don’t dress that way. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink…It is the blood of Jesus Christ His son that cleanses us from all unrighteousness. You better understand that blood and that grace. When that grace is there, there will be peace in the heart. And you know many people will be surprised you’ll find all these when we get to heaven.

The people you preached against and you said, they’ll never make it. You’ll get to heaven and they made it. You said that they were not holy by your own standard. But you said you were holy, by your own standard. And then you begin to look for some of our sisters. And you know their testimonial any time any day like that of the pharisees. The pharisees came and prayed “Oh God, I thank you I am not like other men…” “Praise the Lord, I am not like any other person. I don’t wear lace. I don’t wear judge. I don’t wear jewelry. I don’t smoke. I’m not like the anglicans – these publicans. I am not like the assemblies of God, these publicans. I am deeper!” And the publican comes and says “God be merciful unto me. If you will mark iniquity, I will never stand. All I’m looking for is mercy.” And Jesus says, give me your hand, let’s go to heaven.

And this other person, not wearing lace not wearing jewelry, not smoking, not drinking. You go to heaven? – the heaven you want to go. The heaven of your own creation. The one you can climb up to on your own by not wearing lace? Go there.

Pastor Kumuyi warns deeper life members against pseudo holiness

You can be proud of holiness! Pride and holiness cannot live together in the same heart. Condemning other people, that’s not part of holiness! Follow peace with all men – all men in other denominations! You are not fighting with them. You are not competing with anybody. You believed on the Lord Jesus Christ because you want to believe – not because other people are doing well or not doing well. Continue reading or Watch the video here.