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How to find God’s Will in Marriage?

When it comes to the concept of God’s will in marriage, there are two popular schools of thought. Some believe that God will do whatever he will do irrespective of what happens and as such God does not care much about who ever you choose to marry as long as the person is a believer. While the other school of thought believes that there is one person labeled ‘God’s will’ and if you don’t marry that person, your marital life will hit a rock. These are two extreme ends that require a balance.

What it means to find God’s will in Marriage?

The words ‘God’s will’ imply that there is a God who has a will and choosing to do his will in marriage is what it means to find God’s will in marriage. God’s will in marriage is not necessarily a particular individual. I believe it could be a personality or a purpose and most importantly God’s preferred choice for you in marriage. Single Christians who care about pleasing God will rather seek his will in marriage than argue whether or not God is interested in that area of their lives. It may be that you are truly concerned for your own happiness but you can be rest-assured that God is more concerned about you and your marital affairs.

How to find God's will in marriage?

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I believe that it is possible to miss God’s will in marriage, and that happens when you go right ahead to do your thing leaving God behind. For most christian singles, when it comes to choosing a wife or a husband,, they choose their emotions over God. If they pray at all, it will be when it is already too late. More like asking God to bless their decisions than trusting God to guide their decisions. God initiated marriage and if you are his child, he wants the best for you in marriage. All you have to do is to trust him enough and seek him for guidance. That being said, how do you find God’s will in marriage?

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How can you find God’s will in marriage?

  1. You can find God’s will through prayer.
  2. You can find God’s will through his word
  3. You can find God’s will through the inner voice of the Holy Spirit.
  4. You can find God’s will through signs and circumstances
  5. You can find God’s will through deep and affectionate love
  6. You can find God’s will through dreams and visions
  7. You can find God’s will through spiritual elders

Just before you go, watch this video to learn more and know the place of love in finding God’s will in marriage.