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This is How to Trust God in Difficult Times

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At one time or the other we are faced with the question of how to trust God in difficult times. It is normal to come to that point in your life when you don’t feel certain about the path that God seems to be leading you through. I have been there. On one occassion, God asked me. “Fruitful, do you trust me?”

I wanted to say yes but ‘the but’ was lingering in my heart. I knew I couldn’t hide my heart away from the Lord so I just cried instead. Many times we want to really trust God and His will for our lives wholeheartedly but the but keeps popping up. There is a battle going on in our mind; We want to trust God but we also want to trust our common sense. But the Bible says to choose to trust God is to choose not to lean on our own understanding. And oh! how many times we have failed to acknowledge God in all of our ways.

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Fear is one great mountain that scares us each time we try to make that decision. What if God does not show up? Then, we go ahead to create alternatives. But God? He beholds from the heavens – hoping that one day we will realize how much he wants to help us and how much we have been missing by choosing to lean on our own understanding. That being said, below are 10 tips to help you trust God in your most difficult times.

How to Trust God in Difficult Times?

  1. Understand that God cares for you more than you can possibly care for yourself
  2. Cry if you have to, but don’t question God
  3. Take time out to pray, no matter how little
  4. Give your fears away in worship. Sing until your joy is full
  5. Find God’s promises in the scripture for your difficult moments.
  6. Read out loud God’s covenant promises from his word
  7. Resist the temptation to forsake the assembly of believers
  8. Share your difficult moment with mature spiritual elders
  9. Avoid the temptation to reason out God. Choose to lean still on him
  10. Always choose faith instead of doubt.
This is how to trust God in difficult times

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.

Proverbs 3:5,6 (KJV)

I dropped a video on my YouTube channel for you on what it means to trust God and how to keep trusting God in difficult times. Watch it below. Don’t forget to like the video, drop me a comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. God bless you.