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How to Overcome Fear?

Aug 4, 2021
How to Overcome Fear

To overcome fear is to live above your fears. Fear is one paralyzing emotion that if not dealt with can become what cancer of the blood is to the human body. Capable of inhibiting or restricting normal feelings of love, confidence and well being, fear triggers negative thought patterns, it breeds worry and anxiety, all of which can multiply like a giant snowball and consume a person’s entire life.

At one point or the other in life, we will all have to face fear. It could be at the time we are attempting something new or something dangerous. We all have the right to be afraid when facing the trauma of everyday ups and downs. That is normal fear. But those who let their fears stop them from doing whatever they would like to do or should be doing have crossed the line from normal fears to destructive fears. If for any reason, your fears keep you from doing God’s will, then that fear is destructive. There are a lot of fearful people out there who draw back and let life pass them by, simply because they are afraid. That is destructive! The tragedy here is that most of the things you fear never happen. Fear sometimes can be false experiences appearing real trying to make you forget everything and run. Those who allow themselves to be dominated by fear often become pessimist fond of complaining about everything.

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It is almost impossible to overestimate the harmful effects that fear can have on your body, soul and spirit. Fear have been known to be the cause of some medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, kidney failure among others. Fear damages your soul by making you discouraged and worry sick. In that condition, your spirit becomes too weak to align with God. Fear is one of the tools that can quench the fire of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. It can keep you from been joyful, happy and radiant. Fear keeps you from being effective in this life and steals from you many of your rewards in eternity. The bible tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6), fear literally keeps you from pleasing God. I bet you have been too complacent with that negative emotion for too long. It is time to deal with it and send it packing from your soul.

How to Overcome Fear quote by Fruitful E. John
What fear is quote by Fruitful E. John

How to Overcome Fear Biblically?

  1. Start by learning to live a life of faith
  2. Understand that every time you choose fear, you displease God
  3. Confess your fears to God as often as you can
  4. Seek and trust God for the infilling of the Holy Spirit
  5. Cultivate the thanksgiving spirit

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Now, let’s take them one after the other, how do you overcome your fears biblically?

  1. Start by learning to live a life of faith: A life of faith is a life that finds confidence in God’s word. A life that trusts that God says what he means and means what he says especially with the integrity of his word. So, where to start is to give attention to God’s word as written in the bible. Find his promise for every situation you are fearful about and confront your fears with those promises as often as you can.
  2. Understand that everytime you choose fear, you displease God. The bible says not to be anxious about anything in Philippians 4:6, it goes on to say in Romans 14:23 that everything that is not of faith is sin. Over and over again, the scripture screams “Fear not”, “Do not be afraid” and many similar phrases. Understand that choosing fear inspite of all of God’s instructions against fear is choosing to willfully disobey God. And that is sin!
  3. Confess your fears to God as often as you can. Don’t forget to ask him to forgive you for being caught in the web. Ask God to take away the habit of being fearful from your life.
  4. Seek and trust God for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit always make the difference in any situation. If he fills you, it becomes easy to live above your fears and trust God for the seemingly impossible. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of faith. When he comes into your life, you will find it easier to live a life of faith.
  5. Cultivate the thanksgiving spirit. It is the will of God that we thank him in all things. Build the habit of confronting your fears with thanksgiving to God. Sing your fears away in gratitude to God. Thank God by faith for victory over fear and fearful situations of life (I Thessalonians 5:18)

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