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How I almost missed God’s will in marriage – Gloria Bamiloye

Aug 4, 2021

Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye, wife of Evangelist Mike Bamiloye shares how she almost missed God’s will in marriage. Read below:

When I was single and was seeking the face of God concerning a brother I desired to marry (ever before I knew my husband ) I so much allowed him into my life and we became friends without asking to know if he was the will of God for my life or not. May be because he perfectly fit in to my expectation. I was afraid to pray because I did not want God to say NO to my desire . I was faced with a serious battle and confusion in my heart because of the constant check I received from the HolySpirit . It was as if I was hiding the relationship from God and God was waiting for me to open up to him for help.

When I could not run again ,I opened up to God in tears to help me ,I told him everything. I told him that I sincerely loved the brother and I desired to marry him but I wanted to know his will concerning the brother .That same night I dreamt and I saw the brother coming to our house to visit me. I went to meet him on the way and started talking to him saying “…I would have married you, but I love God and I want to serve him and I don’t want anyone to hinder me from serving Him”. Immediately I said that, I woke up and the holy spirit began to tell me the meaning of the dream and its implication.

He said to me that I can marry the brother if that is what I desire ( since he is a child of God as well. ) Then He said ,but what he wanted to do through me will be hindered.I got the message. It means God was preparing for something I was not aware of. Read also,

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Now I have a choice either to marry the brother and missed the plan of God for my life or wait for whoever God will bring later. At this time, I knew nothing about drama ministry. I was in the choir in my church, but God knew what he wanted to do with my life even when I had no idea. After that prayer, God gave me strength to believe His word and to rest in him. My prayer life changed. I began to ask him to give me someone that loves God and with whom I will serve Him. I was now understanding better what marriage means. I also received strength to wait and be patient before God until l was fully convinced of the right person he would bring later. Some other brothers came later to propose but I was strong in the spirit to know they were not God’s will for me. I was not in haste since I was sure he would alert me when the right person comes.

All this was possible because I involved God and I opened up to him for help and he did help me . Even though I loved the brother but we were not meant for each other. He is a pastor in a church now, but my calling is to the world. I did not know all this but he helped me in the place of prayer to wait and be patient till I was matured to know his plan for my life. When you are walking with God, you must learn to trust him and be patient and you will not miss His plan for your life.

As a child of God ,you should not be afraid or anxious about who to marry because anxiety will make you miss the perfect will of God ,it will reduce your blessing and your manifestation. God knows the right helper you need. That is why you must be patient and wait on God in prayer to be sure of your marriage partner . The more you seek the face of God ,the more you know his will and plan for your life.

God did not ask you to look around for wife or husband. but to seek him and his kingdom . That is what God ask you to do ,that is what he told the singles brothers and sisters to do. To take care of God’s thing ( 1corinthians. 7:32 ). and in the process they will discover his purpose for their lives.” See 9 ways to end an ungodly relationship

Gloria Bamiloye is a christian actress, author, director and producer. She cofounded the Mount Zion Drama Ministry together with her husband Evangelist Mike Bamiloye in 1985. They have three children on the run for God; Damilola Mike Bamiloye, Joshua Mike Bamiloye and Darasimi Mike Bamiloye now Darasimi Oyor.

Curled from “The Anxiety of Single Sisters” by Gloria Bamiloye
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