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I started my Journey with God not looking for Fame – Apostle Joshua Selman

Aug 3, 2021
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Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, popularly known as Apostle Joshua Selman shared in a sermon how he started his journey with God and how he came in touch with the person of the Holy Spirit. Apostle Joshua Selman is a Nigerian Gospel minister, instrumentalist, conference speaker and televangelist. By profession, he is a chemical engineer. Apostle Joshua Selman is the founder and leader of Eternity Network International (ENI). He is the convener of Koinonia – a weekly programme where people come to experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit through worship, word, miracles and love.

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I started my journey with God not looking for fame, power, or ministry. It was a blind but sincere pursuit. I went to church and I found out that while preachers preached powerful messages, the sick still remained sick. There were still confused and oppressed people and yet they opened scriptures, they spoke so intelligently about the love of God. They spoke so articulately about the power of God – His power to heal, His power to deliver and when they shared “the Grace”, I saw sick people walking back sick. We ended the average church service like this: “may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit…” and we confessed that it should rest and abide with us, and yet people walked away as though they were leaving a funeral. Where was the power? Where was the grace? I saw how people prayed, begging God to show up; the more I read my Bible I became confused; “someone is missing something somewhere”, I thought.

I had the privilege of meeting a few well meaning sincere generals of the gospel. I asked them questions about the Holy Spirit, they waved it with some theological answers. And I said, ‘”no…no…”

Let me tell you one of the ways God draws you intimately. He will reveal a dimension of Himself to you and hide it back. He hides it back so that you will begin to seek Him. The dimension He hides back is a realm. He wants to become your habitation, but He hides it so that you will prove your pursuit and your hunger. I began to pray. I said “Lord there has to be men and women who don’t just talk about spiritual things, but are able to demonstrate it with their lives.”


Then I picked a book one day called “GOD’S GENERALS”. When I opened it, I could not close it again. It was as though I was reading about my relatives. I said to myself, “this is it! this is what I have been trying to ask and seek!”I read about men who subdued kingdoms, shut mouth of Lions, they lived like gods upon the Earth. Then I began to study about the history of the church in Nigeria and I came across men like Archbishop Benson Idahosa – men who shook this nation Nigeria. I read about men like Apostle Babalola – men who carried power with God. And I said, “something is wrong with your body oh God”. When did we reduce the power of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to a theological dissertation? Where did we hide the demonstrations of His power? We call it the house of God, we claim that God is there and yet people come and they are not changed.

When the call of God came upon my life, I said “Lord do not send me without me knowing the Holy Spirit”. What will be my message to this arrogant world? When I stand before kings and nobles, who will I tell them sent me? And that began my pursuit; that desperate search for the person of the Holy Spirit. I listened to men like Benny Hinn talk about Him. Benny Hinn would stand on stage and talk about how Kathryn Khulman would say, “do not grieve my friend” and would sob on the stage. where was that passion? Where did it go? Today we have written books about Him, yet we do not know Him. We have organized conferences after His name, yet we do not know Him. We have packed crusade grounds and we’re utterly disappointed. Our flaws have revealed how disconnected we are in our relationship with him, to the point where we do not know His power again. When we see Him move, we are not sure He is the one. Yet I read in scriptures and saw in History that He was the force behind the enviable listings of men. How would we want a great destiny ignoring His ministry and presence? The Holy Spirit is so important that Jesus had to wait for His arrival to begin His ministry. Jesus! The logos of God, remained so impotent until He (the Holy Spirit) arrived. Having mentored His disciples for over a period of three and a half years, He said to them, “tarry… tarry… do not use zeal to start… tarry until He comes.” The Holy Spirit is so important!

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