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A Good Marriage is not Automatic – Gloria Bamiloye

Aug 3, 2021
Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye and her husband Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

Gloria Bamiloye is a christian actress, author, director and producer. She cofounded the Mount Zion Drama Ministry together with her husband Evangelist Mike Bamiloye in 1985. They have three children on the run for God; Damilola Mike Bamiloye, Joshua Mike Bamiloye and Darasimi Mike Bamiloye now Darasimi Oyor. Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye shares in her written work how a good marriage is not automatic. Read below.

If God has helped you to have His will as a partner in marriage, don’t loose your guard. The devil hates such couples because they are a terror to his kingdom. Such couples are in God’s agenda. They will release godly seeds (biological and spiritaul) that God will use to destroy the kingdom of darkness.

There is need for love, submission forgiveness, unity, prayer, watchfulness and constant study of the word of God to guide and keep a marriage. All these are necessary materials you need to get the home properly rooted in God. There may be storms, wind may blow but it will not fall.

THE TRAIN – Life Changing lessons from Mike Bamiloye’s biography

Marriage is good and sweet because after God created man, the situation was not good being alone until the Lord created the woman and a home was instituted by God. The first couple was so relaxed thinking everything was perfect since God knew about their union from the beginning. Little did they know there was an enemy in that same garden who was envying bitterly against them and watching for their pitfall. The enemy could not touch them as long as they abode in God but he tempted them to disobey and they lost their glory. They were therefore cast out into disgrace and shame.

Don’t be carried away by the fact that your partner is God’s choice for your life. The word of God says he who stands should take heed lest he falls. Humble yourself. Don’t relax in your responsibility towards your partner. A good marriage is not automatic. You must determine to work for it!

Curled from “Questions of Life for the Married” by Gloria Bamiloye
This book blessed my life. You can get it too. You can buy Questions of Life for the Married by Gloria Bamiloye on Amazon. Mummy Gloria Bamiloye books are books you should consider having in your library. They will help your relationship and marriage. 

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