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How to Start Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself?

This is how to start hearing God’s voice for yourself.

There is a first time to everything in life. Hearing God is not an exception. For every spiritual reality you hope to walk in, there is a first time. For some, that first time is quite easy while for others, God needs to see their desperation. The first time I discerned God’s voice for my life; it had to do with my career. Before this time, I knew the importance of hearing God’s voice before taking major decisions. The problem however was how to discern his voice. When it was time to make the final decision on my line of career, I waited seriously on the Lord. Although I didn’t know how it was going to happen, I was desperate to hear him.

This is how to start hearing God's voice for your life
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I was in my first year at the University, and confused about whether to study the course I was offered or to switch to another. If there was going to be a change of course, what course would I change to? I came back from lectures one hot afternoon, tired and exhausted. I had been waiting on God on the said issue. I sat on the chair at the reading corner of my room, staring into the wind, hoping to hear an audible voice.
But no, that didn’t happen. Quite discouraged, I decided to end my fast. Just then, my eyes caught a glimpse of the Bible on the table. I picked it up to read a verse or two. My heart skipped a beat as I read the first verse that got my attention.
That easy?
It felt like God had come to my room to write in my Bible what his thoughts were about my choice of career. I read that portion of the scripture over and over again in disbelief. Every time until I took that decision, I would go back to that portion of the scripture to be reassured. One afternoon, God decided to go a little further with me.

“Fruitful, Computer Science is not a bad course. You will do great if you study it.”
I was taken aback. That was God speaking through my elder brother. I had not even mentioned to him my line of thought. For the first time in my life, I knew what it felt like to be led of God.

You can hear God’s voice. Yes you can. But it doesn‟t just happen by wishing you could. The most difficult part of hearing God is the fact that it takes time to learn it. If you want to hear God’s voice, you have to be desperate to hear it. Not just hear it, you have to be determined to trust and obey.

The fear of God not speaking is the reason why many have not resolved to take this seriously. Others are afraid of what God might say, since they care much about having their own way. But I’ve come to the realization, that there’s nothing to be compared with the joy of walking through life knowing that someone’s got your back. He leads you and takes responsibility for whatever crossroads you experience on the journey. And no! God won’t speak to you in a way you won’t understand. Don’t wait to hear his audible voice when you can’t even discern when he’s speaking to you from his word. If God thinks what you understand now is the voice of the people around you, he could choose to order your steps through them. If God sees that situations have a way of influencing your life, he could choose to speak through them.

It has become even easier to hear God’s voice today. He could choose to speak to you through some of the simplest ways; a blog post, a social media post, a sermon, a book, music or even a movie. Consistently hearing God’s voice however does not happen by mistake. The first time, it could be unsolicited but to attain consistency, you have to really care about what he has to say. Spend time in prayer. Expect God to speak to you. Meditatively wait and watch out for his voice in and around you. Practice the act of learning how to hear his voice in the simple and major decisions of your life. It could take a while to be so sure he is the one speaking to you, but it’s worth the time.