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Diary of a Christian Corper – A peep into my NYSC Service year and orientation camp activities (VIDEO)

christian corper NYSC Jigawa state orientation camp

Diary of a Christian Corper – A peep into my NYSC Service year and orientation camp activities

In Nigeria, the NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) program is a national call to every youths to serve the nation after graduation from school. Nigerian youths are posted from their most familiar terrain to places quite far from them – an opportunity to know the farther ends of the country and be of service to humanity in the process.

christian corper NYSC Jigawa state orientation camp
Me and friends at the Jigawa State Orientation Camp in Dutse

A three weeks paramilitary orientation course is undertaken by all prospective corp members, after which they are posted across the states to their place of primary assignment, where they are expected to serve for the next 11 months. A serving corp member, popularly called corper or kopa as the case may be is entitled to NYSC kits which contains the NYSC 7/7 uniform, a call up number, state code, ID card and a monthly stipend from the federal government of Nigeria.

The NYSC program have become a very useful tool for Nigerian Christian youths graduating from school to leave a footprint in the sand of time wherever they are posted to. With the inauguration of the NCCF body, the NYSC acronym Nigerian Youths Serving Christ is reinstated every year through the NCCF rural rugged activities and more.


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While you wait for the episodal series of the events that happened in my service year, I present to you a brief overview in video of what my NYSC service year was like. In this video, I shared peeps of the orientation camp activities, photo events of my place of primary assignment (PPA), NCCF rural rugged memories and most importantly, my NYSC story.

It is often said that life at the NYSC orientation camp is capable of making vibrant christians loose their vision of God, Sadly true but overrated. There are many christian corpers out there who stood and are still standing for God, before, during and after their service year. If they could, you can!

Are you a Christian corper or a prospective corp member? I believe that this video will inspire you and keep you motivated to serve God in the course of your NYSC service year. You will also be encouraged to never stop pursuing God in this phase of your life.

Happy viewing! Click this link to watch Diary of a Christian Corper

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