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God will Judge Believers Who Keep Quiet on Social Media?

God will judge believers who keep quiet on social media by fruitful e john on fruitful touching lives

Will God judge believers who keep quiet on social media?

I believe that at the judgment seat of Christ, the generation we lived in will be one of the factors for judgment. So Yes! God will judge us for being on the media and not representing him well. He will judge those who had the opportunity to dispel the darkness but chose to look away.

God will judge believers who keep quiet on social media by fruitful e john on fruitful touching lives
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Gone are those days when we were taught that the media was sinful and simply a waste of time for the believer. Christians who hold that view today will in no time become Irrelevant in God’s agenda for the coming generation. This is because as much as the devil is using technology and the media, God wants believers to rise up and represent him there too.

The media was not there during the days of Abraham, that is probably why it is not written in the bible. But today, the media has come to stay, the earlier we realize this and stand up on our feet to proclaim Christ on this space, the better for us. Perhaps, this could be the reason why you and I were not born in the days of Abraham, God is counting on you and me!

We have come to that time in the history of the world when christians should not stay back and watch satan do his thing with the media. We have come to that time, when media evangelists must arise and take over the media space for God. We are in that time in the history of the world, when revival must break out on the media simply because a believer somewhere is creating and uploading contents drenched in the Holy Ghost.

I want you to think beyond your religious mindset and see how much damage the enemy has done to the gospel with the media. Look at how many youths are battling with addictions because some people somewhere have chosen to keep shooting and releasing porn videos over the internet. Just look around and see, how many of our young ones have been initiated into cult groups over the internet. If the devil can possess men over the media, God can! but where are the vessels?

How about if we have believers who are just as committed to uploading godly contents over the media. This I believe, is part of our calling to be light and salt in the world. How can we rest on our oasis? How can we choose to act like we don’t see these things? Are you receiving this burden already? To be a light that dispels darkness in your little sphere of influence on the media? That’s the spirit! Its a privilege to be called to take this mountain for God. But if we must do it, we must do it right.

The reason why it looks like the media is not producing much results for believers is that more often than not, we are unprofessional in our approach. If you see this as a ministry in itself, you will do more than just upload contents. Take a look at the enemy’s camp, they don’t joke with what they want to achieve. They go the extra mile. Little wonder why even strong believers can be caught in the web of ungodly contents on the media. It is not because believers cannot be professional. It is because we have chosen not to. Enough of the complacency. It is time to be intentional.

We have stayed long enough in the four walls of the church. It is time to spread our tentacles over the internet. This is not for the believer next to you. This is for you!

Let the change start here. Together, we can dispel the darkness. Together we can decree ‘Let there be light!’

Written by:
Fruitful E. John