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A Fool in Love – Christian Love Stories

My head grew bigger and heavier, the pain moving from left to right. I went dumb for a while as my left hand found it’s way to my forehead for a mild massage.

“Please stop, I’m hurting”. I said, my voice quaking.

“Lizzy, there is nothing emotional about this, so don’t start a drama.” William replied in his baritone voice.

“I already said I’m sorry, do I have to say that over and over again?” I asked and my vocal chords gave way.

“No. You are not sorry. You don’t seem to understand the magnitude of what you have done. That’s the root of feminism.” He alerted, his voice loud enough to raise the roof.

My ear tinkled and the turbulence on the inside of me intensified. I summoned strength as I dragged myself out of the bed, my knees finding their way to the ground. With the phone firmly placed on my right ear I said calmly,

“Bro. Williams, I’m on my knees here. I’m sorry. Can we just put this behind us?” I pleaded.

The line went quiet for a while as my left hand reached for support holding the bedstand. Just when I decided to check if he was still on the line, his voice returned softly “apology accepted”.

“Hmm” I heaved a sigh and the pain in my forehead subsided.

“My beauty queen, you know I love you”. He said sweetly. My lips gained strength as a broad smile spread across them.

“Its a big disrespect on my personality when you hang the call on me. Please find other ways around that. I prefer you don’t pick my calls at all if you know your boss would interrupt our conversation” He added with a voice as cool as the ocean breeze – cool enough to calm the turbulence on the inside of me.

Its so amazing how he does it. One moment he is at the peak of his temper like a lion roaring at its prey and the next moment he is as harmless as a dove. Just when the tank of my frustration is about to be filled up with his anger, the magic happens.

“Stop by at the garden tomorrow, I’ll be there waiting for you.” He announced interrupting my thoughts.

“It would be a hectic day at work. How about Wednesday” I pleaded as I repositioned myself on the bed.

Silence replied.

I shouldn’t have said that I thought, my lips moving against each other in regret. I of all people should know that Bro. Williams is a strong autocratic man. His decisions are rarely compromised. When his mind is made up on an issue, no one – not me, not any of his siblings, not even his parents – can change it.

“I’m sorry” I muttered, hoping that there wouldn’t be another argument.

“Vuum” my phone vibrated. I didn’t even know the line had gone off.

“See you tomorrow sweetheart, Love you!” – the text read.

My chest went gradually up and found its way down. It was a sigh of relief. Thank Goodness! Today is one of the rare days when our conversation ended on a good note. Some butterflies found their way into my stomach as I read the text again.

“I love you too my spiritual and romantic Williams” I muttered burying my head below the blanket.

Tomorrow came in a twinkle of an eye. The night was shorter than I imagined and work was stressful than I envisaged.

My brain worked tirelessly through the day as I kept searching out strategies on how to have a fruitful evening devoid of arguments with my love.

At a time I had gotten lost in thoughts that a colleague had to slap his hands on the table to bring me back.

Its official, I love Williams. His spirituality leaves me in awe. His appearance send sweet sensations down my spine. Above all he’s from a wealthy background.

“Good!” I exclaimed, remembering that I’m in charge of how our meeting today would go. I would request that we read a book together. Yes! I should get a book on anger management at the bookstore. I heaved a sigh. My plans were perfect.

The traffic almost ruined my aspirations of a evening devoid of an outburst. The look on his face when I entered was that of a hungry lion. My knees found their way to the ground as soon as I came close enough.

“It was the traffic” I said timidly.

“Its OK, please take a sit. What would you like to eat?” He asked.

“Wow! There has got to be a God in Heaven” I thought.

“I’m really not hungry” I replied.

“Right now I just want us to get started with this book by Gary Chapman, I’m hoping we’ll be through with a chapter before it starts getting dark.” I said handing the book over to him.

“Anger: Taming a powerful emotion” he read staring at intervals.

“Do you have issues with anger?” He asked with a serious baritone voice.

“No” I replied trying hard not to meet his gaze.

“Do you have any other plan apart from this book?” He asked and I waved No.

“Good. Then let’s use the time judiciously. Let’s pray for our unborn children.” He declared.

That was it! It was indeed a fruitful evening. We knocked on heaven’s door holding hands as we pleaded God for godly children and the wisdom to raise them. In fact, he received the names of our children.

Jane stared with disgust as I finished my narration.

“To be frank with you sister Lizzy, one if not both of you is a fool.” She announced.

“What? With all due respect sister Jane, that you are married does not give you the audacity to insult me or my fiancee.” I replied firmly.

Not bothered by my reaction, she shrugged her shoulder and continued.

“If your aim is to build a happy home then listen attentively and receive some sense. Proverbs fourteen verse seven says stay away from a foolish man, for you will not find knowledge on his lips.”

‘Do you know who a fool is?” She asked. I responded in the negative.

“A fool is one who does what seems right to him and does not listen to advice.

A fool is one who rages in evil and is self confident.

A fool is one who has no delight in understanding but in expressing his own heart.

A fool is one who knows how to start a quarrel at the slightest provocation.

Proverbs twenty eight verse twenty six sums up the basic problem in the life of a foolish man when it says He who trust in his own heart is a fool but who ever walks wisely will be delivered.

From all indications my dear friend, bro. Williams has some traits of foolishness in him.

Now if you will walk wisely, you need to tell him to his face what his problem is. He needs to be willing and committed to coming out of foolishness before you can continue the relationship. But if you would refuse to do this, you are what I would call a fool in love.”


“Yes my dear. A fool in love is a fool in love with another fool.” She replied.

I lost words to express myself and just continued to stare at Jane.

“You need to go back to the book of Proverbs and search out more of these bible principles. But first, deal with this foolishness.” She ended.

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