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7 daily routines of real Christians

Dec 13, 2020
How to be a real Christian

The question of who a Christian really is has become a huge concern for many in the body of Christ today. This is caused by the moral decadence among religious people who claim to know God but are none of his.

7 daily routines of real Christians – Watch Video

The Bible says believers should stay away from those who profess the name of Christ but deny his power. They have a zeal for God but do not want to live transformed lives, from such, turn away.

If we say we are children of light, we ought to walk as children of light – representing Christ well in our communities and showing forth the praises of him who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Daily routines of real Christians

A Christian is not merely a religious personality that goes to church, keep to some rules and try to be moral.

True Christians live beyond the concept of morality. Christianity is not merely a religion. It is a relationship with God birth by placing faith in Jesus Christ, accepting Him as Lord and personal savior and choosing to represent Christ well in the world.

Who is a Christian? What are the seven things real Christians do on a daily basis? Are you a real Christian?

Real Christians do this seven things on a daily basis

  1. Bible Study: Real Christians prioritize personal bible study on a daily basis. This is where they find enough strength to keep being in tune with God. Against all odds, true Christians find time to feed on the word of God daily.
  2. Prayer: The average serious Christian find time to pray at least once in a day early in the morning, late at night, in between meals and even at work. Real Christians watch in prayer on a daily basis.
  3. Shining the light of Christ: Real Christians shine the light of Christ by hunting for opportunities to lend a helping hand to someone in need. True Christians show themselves as a pattern of good works, not weary in well doing.
  4. Sharing the love of Christ: Real Christians are committed to sharing the love of Jesus to people within their sphere of influence. At every given opportunity, true Christians proclaim the gospel of Christ.
  5. Edification: Real Christians live edifying lives on a daily basis. In their dressing, their comportment, their attitude to life and their conversations, they make room for edification.
  6. Hearing God: Real Christians are concerned about not just speaking to God but also hearing him. In prayer, bible reading and meditation, true Christians watch out for God’s voice in their heart soul and conscience. And they do that on a daily basis.
  7. Obedience: Real Christian obey God’s word always. They live by obedience to God’s word, doing what is right by Bible standards. They will not commit sin willfully because they desire to please God at all times.

Why do we have to obey God?

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